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Weeds of Blue Mountains Bushland Website

Weeds of Blue Mountains Bushland Website

This web site is for everyone who lives in and loves the Blue Mountains.

You can...

  • learn about the value and importance of our Blue Mountains bushland
  • find out about the effect our lifestyle is having on our beautiful natural areas
  • learn how weeds spread
  • learn how weeds can cause the destruction of our native flora and fauna

This web site, and the free booklet on which it is based, will help you identify 35 common plants that have spread from our parks and gardens into our bushland, and it will enable you to understand the serious impact they are having on our fragile ecosystems.

This web site will encourage you to remove these bush invaders from your garden and it will show you how to. It suggests replacement plants which are beautiful, functional and bush-friendly.

You will find out how to make your garden a haven for our wildlife.

This web site lists for you some simple steps to take at home to reduce the damage being done, and it encourages you to join other Blue Mountains residents in caring for our unique bushland.


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