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Private Swimming Pools

Because of Australia’s favourable climate backyard swimming and spa pools are popular for rest and recreation, but their presence brings a number of health and safety risks.
Drowning is a leading cause of accidental death in very young children who lack the cognitive and water skills to deal with the danger.
In NSW, private or ‘backyard’ swimming pool safety is legislated by the Swimming Pools Act 1992 (the Act), the Swimming Pools Regulation 2008 (the Regulation) and AS1926.1-2012 Australian Standard – Swimming Pool Safety Part 1: Safety barriers for swimming pools. (the Act), the Swimming Pools Regulation 2008 (the Regulation) and AS1926.1-2012 Australian Standard – Swimming Pool Safety Part 1: Safety barriers for swimming pools.
Swimming pool owners should ensure that appropriate fencing, gates, locks and signs are maintained in the pool area and that relevant requirements under the Swimming Pools Act 1992 are met.
The Department of Local Government says that, while fencing may assist in reducing drownings in backyard pools, the most effective safety is for children to be adequately supervised by a parent or another responsible adult.
Spa pools can also pose potential dangers. Access to spa pools by young children is to be restricted by a Child-resistant barrier or a lockable child-safe structure (such as a lid) when not in use. Further information about the safe design and construction of spa pools is available from NSW Fair Trading, which has published a safety guide to help avoid entrapment on suction outlets on spa pools. The guide is available on its website at
Research conducted on child drownings in backyard swimming pools indicates that the most common contributing factors are unfenced pools and human error (for example, people leaving the gate open, or fences not being maintained in good condition).
Blue Mountains City Council carries out a pro-active inspection program, ensuring that residential pools and spas comply with the safety requirements contained within the Swimming Pools Act 1992. Council hopes to minimise the risk of tragedies occurring, as a result of small children gaining access to backyard swimming pools and spas.
If you would like to arrange a swimming pool safety inspection, please call the Health and Compliance Team on either (02) 4780 5551 or (02) 4780 5480 during office hours. Please be aware that, in line with the provisions made in the Swimming Pools Amendment Act 2012 and Councils adopted fees and charges, a fee of $150 for the initial inspection and $100 for any re-inspections will be charged. Upon payment of all fees, and if the pool and safety barrier are compliant, a Certificate of Compliance will be issued.
Should you require a Certificate of Compliance for a swimming pool, outside of Councils programmed inspection, the necessary application form can be accessed in the downloads to the right, a fee of $150 applies upon application.
The Office of Local Government has a very informative website that may also be of assistance see the recommended links below:


 For further information on swimming pool safety, refer to the downloads at right.

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