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Food Safety

Food Safety has a direct impact on every individual and Council’s Food Safety Program is a vital component in protecting the health of the community. There are more than 400 retail food premises operating within the Blue Mountains local government area.
Blue Mountains City Council annually undertakes inspections of all premises that sell and handle food to ensure compliance with the Food Act, 2003, Food Regulation 2010, and the Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ).
Whilst carrying out inspections Environmental Health Officers focus on a wide range of issues including, cleanliness, temperature control, hygiene and food handling practices, pest control, construction and maintenance of the premises and waste storage.
The primary aim of these inspections is to ensure that food stored, prepared and sold to the public is safe to consume.
Should serious non-compliance matters be found, improvement notices or infringements may be issued or immediate court action undertaken. Reinspections will then be conducted until compliance is achieved.
Environmental Health Officers also investigate complaints relating to food quality, and unclean food premises.
It is estimated that more than five million Australians are affected by some form of foodborne illness every year.  While the number of cases of food borne illness across Australia continues to increase, the typical causes are generally well understood and in most instances are preventable.  Observing good management practices in handling food in all situations will minimise the likelihood of food borne illness.

Food Business Requirements
Registration with Council
All retail food premises are required to be registered with Council and are subject to routine health and hygiene inspections. Details are also required to be updated with Council when a food business changes proprietor. These details can be advised to Council by completing and forwarding the food business registration form.
Business Notification
In addition to registering with Council, all food businesses are also required, under the National Food Standards, to notify the appropriate enforcement agency of certain information associated with the operation of the business. In NSW the appropriate enforcement agency is the NSW Food Authority (
More Information
Please see the downloads to the right for further information on various aspects of food safety.
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