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Asbestos is a problem waste as it can cause life-threatening diseases if inhaled. Precautions must be taken to eliminate the risk to yourself and others from incorrectly dismantling, transporting and disposing of this material.

If you are unsure how to correctly dismantle and transport asbestos, contact a specialist asbestos removal company.

Asbestos can ONLY be disposed of at Blaxland Resource Recovery and Waste Management Facility providing it is properly wrapped in heavy duty plastic (orange / black builders plastic).

Call 4739 2432 to make a booking for asbestos disposal

Please note asbestos is not accepted on weekends or public holidays and can only be booked for disposal between 9am and 2:30pm with 24 hours’ notice. Please refer to our fees and charges (link) page for price per tonne.

For more information on Asbestos, please see the downloads available on this page, or refer to the following resources:

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