Blue Mountains City Council

Blue Mountains Better Living DCP

The "Better Living"Development Control Plan (DCP) works towards a more sustainable future for the Blue Mountains.

It provides practical information aimed at encouraging development that retains and enhances the remarkable character of the Blue Mountains. It is part of a suite of documents that form a blue print towards a more sustainable future. It contains all the relevant issues, design principles, performance criteria and standards for development.

Adopted: 8 March 2005
Effective: 7 October 2005
Amendment Adopted: 4 October 2005
Amendment Effective: 1 December 2005


The Better Living DCP DOES NOT APPLY to land zoned under LEP 2015, effective from 15 February 2016


Hard Copies are available for purchase at Council offices.  Alternatively, download at right.  The documents have been split into a series of manageable download file sizes:

  • Better Living DCP: Contents
  • Better Living DCP Part A: Introduction
    • A Blue Mountains Timeline
    • Where This Plan Applies
    • How This Plan Works
    • Retrofit
    • Contributions and Bonds
    • Varying a Standard
  • Better Living DCP Part B: Site Planning
    • Site Analysis and Design
  • Better Living DCP Part C: General Principles
    • Protecting the Natural Environment
      • Biodiversity
      • Weeds
      • Stormwater
      • Site Management
    • Character and Landscape Assessment
      • Streetscape and Character
      • Landscaping
    • Heritage Conservation
    • Hazard and Risk Assessment
      • Bushfire
      • Crime Minimisation
      • Land Contamination
      • Health and Safety
    • Other Considerations for Development
      • Services
      • Wastewater
      • Vehicular Access, Parking and Roads
      • Amenity
      • Energy
      • Adaptability
      • Access and Mobility
  • Better Living DCP Part D: Standards for Development 2005
    • Dwelling House and Ancillary Structures
    • Granny Flats
    • Dual Occupancy
    • Multi Dwelling Housing
    • Accessible Housing
    • Bed and Breakfast
    • Tourist Accommodation and Boarding Houses
    • Subdivision
    • Other Forms of Development
  • Better Living DCP Part E: Standards for Development 1991
    • Dwelling House and Ancillary Structures
    • Bed and Breakfast
    • Subdivision
    • Other Forms of Development
  • Better Living DCP Part F:
    • Glossary
    • Weeds of the Blue Mountains
  • Better Living DCP Part J: Lawson Village
    • About this Part
    • Vision, Objectives, Character and Strategies
    • Public Domain
    • Urban Structure
    • Design Guidelines
    • Glossary of Terms
  • Better Living DCP Part K: Advertising and Signage - Katoomba Eastern Town Approach Precinct
    • Where this plan applies
    • Relationship to other plans
    • Purpose of the plan
    • Precinct objectives for signage
    • Desired future character
    • Design requirements - "The Edge" Cinema
    • Design requirements - BMCC Headquarters
  • Better Living DCP Part L: Public Participation (Development Applications)
    • Contents and definitions
    • Designated development
    • Advertised development
    • Other notifiable development
    • Modifications
    • Review of determinations and revocation of consent
    • Advisory notes