Blue Mountains City Council

Development Control Plans

Council has a number of Development Control Plans (DCPs), some providing guidelines for a type of development or activity, some applying to specific localities. A list of Council's current DCPs is provided below. In most instances, the DCP's title gives a reasonable indication of its purpose.

  • Blue Mountains DCP: This Development Control Plan consolidates current DCPs (including but not limited to the Better Living DCP) into a single citywide plan. The DCP is the companion document to LEP 2015, and provides guidance on achieving the aims of the LEP, facilitating permissible development and achieving the objectives of relevant land use zones. This DCP also provides planning information and guidance on site analysis, as well as general controls applicable to the majority of development. It also contains environmental and heritage controls for specific development types and precinct areas. This DCP will be available from 15 February 2016 - Click here to access the DCP.


  • Better Living DCP: This Development Control Plan provides practical information aimed at encouraging development that retains and enhances the remarkable character of the Blue Mountains. It is part of a suite of documents that form a blue print towards a more sustainable future. It contains all the relevant issues, design principles, performance criteria and standards for development. Click here for more information.


  • Echo Point (DCP 5): This plan aims to provide urban design guidelines necessary to ensure that further development in the Echo Point precinct is sympathetic to the predominant character, environmental quality and residential amenity of the area. (Adopted: 19 July 1988.) Download at right. 


  • Significant Trees (DCP 9): The purpose of this Development Control Plan is to identify and protect those trees listed on the Register; promote greater public awareness of the existence of the Register, and the individual items listed; ensure existing and, importantly, prospective land owners, are made aware of the Significant Trees which may be located on their property; and ensure correct on-going care and maintenance of those trees listed, through the recommendations included with the significant tree register. (Adopted: 21 June 1988.) Download at right.


  • Sorensens Nursery Site, Herbert Street, Leura (DCP 14): This plan aims to protect the natural and cultural heritage of the subject land. (Adopted: 10 December 1991, Effective: 30 April 1992 and Amended: 8 June 1993.) Download at right.


  • Parklands, Govetts Leap Road, Blackheath (DCP 15): The aim of this Plan is to provide measures for identifying the existing physical and heritage attributes of the property known as “Parklands”, which will ensure that future development of the site protects its existing character and is in accordance with Council’s Planning objectives. (Adopted: 22 October 1992.) Download at right.


  • Advertising and Information Signage (DCP 21): This DCP is a policy to balance the need for advertising and information signage with the broader public interest for maintaining and enhancing the local character of buildings, towns and the surrounding areas in which the signage is located. (Adopted: 18 September 2001 and Effective: 1 October 2001.) Download at right.


  • Public Infrastructure Works in Subdivisions and Developments (DCP 31): This provides standards for design of public infrastructure works to meet those uses, the environmental, safety and public amenity issues, and Council requirements. (Adopted: 11 May 1999, Effective: 19 May 1999, Amendment Adopted: 13 March 2001, Amendment Effective: 21 March 2001, Amendment Adopted: 19 February 2002 and Amendment Effective: 6 March 2002.) Download at right.


  • Exempt and Complying Development (DCP 33): State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008 (the Codes SEPP) specifies exempt development under that Policy. The Codes SEPP has state-wide application and commences on 27 February 2009. Consequently, from that date the exempt development provisions (for the development types covered by the Codes SEPP) in DCP 33 will no longer apply. A copy of the Codes SEPP is available at: Further information on the General Housing Code is available at: For further information please email or call the Department of Planning's Information Centre on Freecall 1300 305 695 or (02) 9228 6333. This DCP covers development that can be carried out without Council consent (Exempt); and limited categories of development that are not considered to impact adversely on adjoining owners and which may be certified by private, accredited certifiers (Complying). (Adopted: 24 August 1999, and Effective: 1 January 2000.) Download at right.