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The Development Process

Every good design works from the character and conditions of the land. Identifying and understanding the opportunities and constraints of the land and is surrounds contributes to the quality of our built environment. 
> Guide to the application process
Takes you through the approval process associated with developing land in the Blue Mountains.
Must read information with details on the documents that may be required for the protection of vegetation on development sites.
> Do I need approval to develop land or demolish a structure?
The Electronic Housing Code (EHC) is an online system that allows users to determine whether proposed works are classified as exempt or complying. If it is complying development you can then prepare, lodge and track the application online. Otherwise a development application and construction certificate will be required.

> How to prepare an application
This guide lists the documentation that is required to accompany a development application (DA) and an application for a construction certificate (CC) for new, additions or alterations to a single dwelling. 
> Building cost calculator  
Online cost estimator used to determine the value of building works.
After lodging your application you can track its progress online.
 Frequently asked questions in regards to the development process.
> Need Help?
  We will point you in the right direction to help you undertake your project.

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