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eMaps and Environmental Plans

The NSW planning process is governed by a hierarchy of legislation and environmental planning instruments. The hierarchy starts with the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act and Regulations, stepping down to State Environmental Plans (SEPPs), Regional Environmental Plans then Local Environmental Plan and Development Control Plans. These documents regulate land use and development.  Local environmental plans set out the preferred land use of every Blue Mountains property. These plans identify what natural areas should be protected, where shops, industrial estates and public spaces should be located and sets standards and criteria for how all new developments are assessed.

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Key Links

> eMaps: View our interactive maps for the City of Blue Mountains Local Government Area. Apply overlays for zoning, heritage, bushfire prone land etc. The zoning will direct you to the Local Environmental Plan (LEP) and development control plan (DCP) that apply to the land.

> Local Environmental Plan 2015 (LEP 2015): Sets out what is permissible on the land, the development standards and other matters that are considered during the assessment of an application such as building height, floor space ratio, etc.

> Blue Mountains Development Control Plan 2015 (DCP 2015): Provides information on all the relevant issues, design principles and standards for the full range of development types.

> Local Environmental Plan 2005 (LEP 2005): LEP 2005 sets development standards and criteria for land predominantly urban in character.

> Local Environmental Plan 1991 (LEP 1991): LEP 1991 sets development standards and criteria for rural areas, as well as environmentally significant areas on the outskirts of the City.

> Better Living Development Control Plan (DCP): Provides practical information aimed at encouraging site responsive design and innovation that respects, enhances and contributes to the character of the City. Applies to sites zoned under LEP 1991 and 2005.

> Other Development Control Plans (DCPs): Council has a number of Development Control Plans (DCPs), some providing guidelines for a type of development or activity, some applying to specific localities.

> Draft Local Environmental Plan 2013 (DLEP 2013): Prepared in response to the State Government requirement for a standard instrument, the draft when adopted and gazetted will replace LEP 1991, LEP 2005 and LEP 4.

> Blue Mountains City-Wide Section 94A Infrastructure Contributions Plan


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