Blue Mountains City Council


Development Applications Determined

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The site covers determinations made on applications lodged after 1 January 2011.  It includes:

  • Development consents and refusals (DA).
  • Construction Certificates (CC) and Complying Development Certificates (CDC) issued.
  • Interim and Final Occupation Certificates.


To protect individual privacy the following information on documents has been obscured:

  • personal contact details of an individual, including personal phone/mobile numbers and email addresses
  • signatures (other than those of officers of the Council)
  • personal financial information, eg credit card details
  • photos depicting people
  • the internal floor plans of a single residential development.

Where notified and identified by the applicant the following information is obscured:

  • personal health and medical information
  • commercial information, if the information would be likely to prejudice the commercial position of the person who supplied it or to reveal a trade secret.


Downloadable material is subject to copyright and is protected by laws of Australia and other countries through international treaties. Where this applies material may have printing restrictions. During the planning and assessment phase of a development application an applicant (not being the copyright owner) is taken to have indemnified all persons using the development application in accordance with the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act (of NSW, Australia), against any claim or action in respect of breach of copyright. A copy or extract for the purposes of assessing the impact of the proposal can be made by arrangement at our business offices. Fees apply.

For information on copyright see Australian Copyright Council and Office of the Information Commissioner