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Building Cost Calculator

March 2016 Based on information published by the Australian Institute of Building Surveyors NSW Chapter, REED Construction Data (Cordells Building Cost Guide) and Archicentre Ltd


This Guide has been developed to inform applicants for development & building certification approvals, designers, building practitioners and members of the community of Council’s approach to determining the estimated cost of a building.

Blue Mountains City Council will use this Guide to determine the estimated cost of building as the basis for the appropriate fee payable with a land use application, except where the application is supported by either:

  • a formal written quotation or contract from a licensed building contractor;
  • a report from a registered Quantity Surveyor; or
  • documentation from another suitably qualified and independent person;

That clearly identifies the full construction value of the proposed building.


Costs relate to level sites only.

Area is measured over the external walls of the building.

Figures used are a guide only and should not be relied upon as an actual valuation of the work to the exclusion of obtaining professional advice. No responsibility is accepted for any errors or omissions.

Figures supplied are based on a 0% adjustment to Sydney prices.

Application Lodgement

This guide only relates to the cost of the items included within the table on the Item Sheet.

The total cost of a development may include other components such as drainage, landscaping, road works, etc. that cannot be efficiently determined using these approximations. The cost of these components will need to be included when determining the total cost of a development for application lodgement.

Council may at its discretion accept a lesser amount as being the cost of building or development where it can be demonstrated that the estimated cost using this Guide is excessive.

In the case of building costs over $2 million, a registered Quantity Surveyor’s certificate estimate is required.


The Building Cost calculator is available in a number of formats and Guide and may be downloaded to the right.