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Property Information

Council issues a range of certificates that provide prospective purchasers with information about development restrictions, building issues and / or outstanding rates payable.

> Apply for a building certificate 
To ensure that there is no matter that would result in an order being issued by the Council to demolish, alter, add to or rebuild a building or to take proceedings for any encroachment onto Council land.  In applying for a building certificate you will need an original and current survey showing all the buildings on the site that are to be included.

> Apply for other property information
To find out about development restrictions (s149 planning certificate), outstanding notices / orders on a property (s121ZP/ s735A), outstanding rates (s603 Certificate) on a property. You can also obtain a certificate of compliance for a swimming pool.

> Apply for development information
Identifies site specific issues and matters that need to be considered if you wish to develop the site.

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