Since 2000, the Council has set out the vision and aspirations of the community for the City of Blue Mountains to achieve. This vision and these aspirations have stemmed from the one vision for a more sustainable Blue Mountains – environmentally, socially and economically. In partnership with the community, the Council led the way to achieve this vision and we have defined it as ‘Sustainable Blue Mountains’.

The Council’s strategic direction in servicing our community, what we do for our City and our people, is grouped into six main areas which we have termed ‘Key Directions’. 

City Vision and Map for Action

It began in 2000 with the Community Visioning Project – Blue Mountains Our Future. Between 2000 and 2003, over 6,000 people representative of the Blue Mountains community, including special needs groups, community organisations and government agencies, shaped the ‘community-owned and Council-led’ City Vision and Map for Action 2000–2025: Towards a More Sustainable Blue Mountains.

The Map for Action was further updated in 2007 and in 2010 to meet NSW Integrated Planning and Reporting requirements and our Community Strategic Plan was named Sustainable Blue Mountains 2025 to reflect community priorities and aspirations.

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Community Strategic Plan

Our Community Strategic Plan, the highest level plan in the Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework, presents the objectives and strategies we need to achieve in order to actualise our vision for a more Sustainable Blue Mountains.

Divided into six Key Directions, the Plan presents the vision, values, aims and aspirations for each, as well as the strategies to achieve the best possible value-for-money services for our community. Our Key Directions are the way in which we have categorised and communicate our service delivery to the community.

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Sustainable Blue Mountains ‘together’

Today, we have defined our united goal as Sustainable Blue Mountains ‘together’. Together, the community and the Council work to achieve our Community Vision. ‘Together’ is a statement of our united, inclusive and common goal for the City of Blue Mountains, for future generations. Together we can achieve a more sustainable Blue Mountains – environmentally, socially and economically.

together we lead – Civic Leadership
together we protect – Looking After Environment
together we care – Looking After People
together we live – Using Land
together we move – Moving Around
together we thrive – Sustainable Economy

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