Sustainable Blue Mountains Data Project

The Sustainable Blue Mountains Data Project is the result of more than 20 years of data collection, monitoring and analysis. Discover information and trend data about our Community and our City and learn how we are measuring our progress towards achieving a more sustainable and successful Blue Mountains.

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As one of only two Cities in the world within a UNESCO declared World Heritage area, we take our stewardship role of the Blue Mountains very seriously. The challenge to be a truly sustainable City means that we cannot make decisions and take action in isolation from the broader natural systems of which we are a part, and on which all forms of life depend.

As we move deeper into thinking globally but acting locally, we continue to strengthen our framework for measuring the health of our natural systems, our people and our built environment. We are bringing together the best science and the most creative thinking to inspire action and grow hope as we all move forward together to restore planetary health for both current and future generations. Our aim is to gather information that will assist decision-making, and monitor the extent to which progress has been made in moving the Blue Mountains towards a more sustainable and successful future.

The Blue Mountains State of the City Report 2021 provides a snapshot of the “state” of the City of Blue Mountains in 2021. It identifies current and emerging issues for our City, in the context of our community endorsed Vision for becoming a more sustainable, healthier and successful Blue Mountains in all aspects – environmentally, socially and economically.

In some areas, it is clearly evident which direction we should be heading, and the steps to get there. In other areas, the distinction is not so clear cut, and guiding research and discussions continue. These important discussions will, in turn, inform the review and update of our Community Strategic Plan.

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