The Respect Our Code on Blue Mountains Roads initiative is underpinned by a Charter that formed the basis of the Blue Mountains Heavy Vehicle Drive Neighbourly Agreement, reached in 2016.


The Charter has the support of the Australian Trucking Association, Road Freight NSW, the region’s main heavy vehicle operators, Roads and Maritime Services, NSW Police, Blue Mountains City Council, the State Members of Parliament for the Blue Mountains and Penrith and local community groups.

The Charter’s primary objectives are achieving safer road conditions and improved amenity on State roads across the Blue Mountains region.

At the core of the Charter is the commitment to respectful road behaviour.

Our State roads are used by a diverse range of users – from the drivers of heavy vehicles and cars, through to the riders of motorcycles and bicycles, plus pedestrians.

All road users need to show consideration and courtesy to everyone who uses our roads. Following is an outline of the Charter’s purpose, mission and scope.

Purpose Statement

All stakeholders recognise that a positive change in driving behaviour by all road users is essential – along with improved heavy vehicle technology and maintenance – to achieve safer road conditions on all State roads across the Blue Mountains.

This is supported by a commitment to investigate policy options that effectively reduce the share of bulk products transported by road and a corresponding increase in transportation via rail.

In addition, there is a clear commitment to actively minimise the impacts of road transport on residential amenity across the Blue Mountains.

Mission Statement

  1. To respond to community concerns and perceptions regarding the impacts of heavy vehicles using the Great Western Highway, Bells Line of Road, Darling Causeway and Hawkesbury Road – recognising these key roads also serve as local roads.
  2. To improve the relationship with and understanding of the trucking industry via the Blue Mountains Heavy Vehicle Drive Neighbourly Agreement
  3. To deliver safer roads for all road users.

Scope of Operation

The Blue Mountains Heavy Vehicle Drive Neighbourly Agreement covers the heavy vehicle industry, related transport agencies and the Blue Mountains community, in developing strategies and specific measures to deliver safe roads for all road users.


The Code