Blue Mountains City Council may name public roads under its control as a roads authority under the Roads Act, 1993.

Whilst Council is a Roads Authority constituted by the Roads Act 1993 and has the statutory power to carry out the administrative functions associated with road naming and renaming, the NSW Geographical Names Board sets policy and processes for all road naming proposals in New South Wales to ensure that naming practices in New South Wales will be of the highest possible standard and will result in clear road names which minimise confusion.

Road Naming procedures are set out in the Roads Regulation 2018, NSW Geographical Names Board Address Policy and User Manual and Council’s Asset Naming Policy.

Council will consider public submissions before making a decision to name or rename a road. 

Current road naming and road re-naming proposals 

Proposed Road Name Former Road Name
Possum Lane
Submissions close on 30 April, 2022
N/A - this road is unnamed

Aspinall Road
Submissions close 7 July, 2021

The Six Foot Track


Archived road naming and road re-naming proposals

Adopted Road Name Former Road Name