On 29 April 2021 Blue Mountains City Council announced its intention to become the first Council and government entity in Australia to integrate Rights of Nature (RON) principles into its operations and practices. 

RON is a rapidly growing international movement that aims to ensure a safe and healthy future for our planet by encouraging humanity to reorient its relationship with nature, from an essentially exploitative one, to one that recognises the importance of all life on earth.

This move aligns with Council’s commitment to ensuring the social, economic and environmental sustainability of the City as outlined in the 2035 Community Strategic Plan. It is an innovative step forward for public policy in the Blue Mountains. 

RON principles will be progressively added to all current and future strategic documents, planning and decision making processes and the operational delivery of Council’s functions.  

This includes Part 5 Assessments (under the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979) that consider environmental impact.

Council will also partner with the Australian Earths Law Alliance (AELA) to offer Rights of Nature workshops for the community, as part of upcoming consultation for the Community Strategic Plan 2035 (and future Local Strategic Planning Statement actions).  

Read the media release here.