Where reticulated sewer is available the property must connect to the sewer line. 

Connect to sewer

Connection to sewer is an integral part of sustainable development, and creates far less diffuse pollution of soils, ground waters and surface waterways, than do onsite wastewater management systems.

There is a set process you will need to follow to have your property connected to sewer. Information on this is in the 'connect to sewer kit'.

Decommissioning a system

Onsite sewage management facilities can be demolished, or reused as a stormwater storage vessel. Where it is feasible to reuse a septic tank, collection well or aerated wastewater treatment system,  there are a number of precautions that need to be observed to ensure there is minimal danger to public health. Unused septic tanks and collection wells present a collapse hazard if not adequately managed.

Firstly, you will need to pump out your tank. Sydney Water will require a receipt from the pump out service provider on the final inspection. Read more on decommissioning a system click on the link below.

Never use an old waste water management system as a rainwater tank.