Did you know on average more than a quarter of the contents in our red garbage bins is food waste?

Hundreds of tonnes of food waste goes to landfill each week from our homes and businesses. In landfill, food waste takes up space and generates carbon emissions and other environmental impacts which are expensive to manage. By composting or worm farming at home you can use these food scraps the way nature intended – by returning valuable nutrients to your garden AND greatly reducing waste to landfill.

Compost Hub

In early to mid-2017 we planned and ran a neighbourhood composting trial ‘Compost Hub’ to connect non-composting households with those that do compost. Compost contributors delivered their household food scraps to compost champions during the 8 weeks trial.

Overall nine hubs were formed with 28 households contributing food scraps. Over 1000 kgs of food scraps were diverted from landfill during this time which works out at an average of 221kgs per household per year of food diverted from landfill.

One of the other great benefits noted by participants was the community building aspect of the scheme.

Join now: www.bluemountainshaveyoursay.com.au/composthub

Reduce your food waste - households

The NSW Environment Protection Authority has a number of different resources to help households reduce food waste. Visit  www.lovefoodhatewaste.nsw.gov.au for tips, ideas and downloads on how to reduce food waste at home.

Reduce your food waste - businesses

The NSW Environment Protection Authority has a number of different resources to help businesses reduce food waste. Visit  www.lovefoodhatewaste.nsw.gov.au for tips, ideas and downloads on how to reduce food waste in your business.

Composting and worm farming

If you have some outdoor space you can reduce food scraps to landfill by composting or worm farming at home. There are some indoor methods available too, search online for the Bokashi method of home composting for more information.

To get you started composting check out these videos:



We also have quick and easy guides to composting and worm farming in our Forms and Resources section below.

Compost Revolution

The Compost Revolution is an introductory program for households that haven’t composted or used a worm farm before.

It’s a quick and easy online educational tool for you to use anywhere, anytime. Once you complete the tutorial and quiz, which takes less than 15 minutes, we will help you get started on recycling food and garden waste at home by offering you a heavily discounted compost bin or worm farm.

Join the Compost Revolution now   

Compost Revolution FAQs

What happens if more than one Compost Revolution order is placed per household?

Only one order can be placed per address. If more than one order has been made (when both compost and worm farms are ordered to the same address) the compost bin order will be approved as a default over the worm farm.

What happens if I want to purchase more than one item?

You can choose to complete both the composting and worm farming tutorial and quiz. However after registering, you must choose to purchase a worm farm OR composting bin at the discounted rate through the Compost Revolution.

Which products are available through the Compost Revolution program?

If you choose composting:
A Begreen Compost Converter 220

If you choose worm farming:
A Tumble Weed Worm Factory

Food waste workshops

We have previously run workshops on reducing food waste as well as sessions on composting and worm farming.

If you would be interested in attending one of our workshops, please register your interest by emailing us with the heading ‘waste workshop’ to wasteofficer@bmcc.nsw.gov.au.

If you have a group of 10 or more people we can also organise a group workshop booking via the method above.