How often will my bins be collected?

  • WEEKLY kerbside garbage collection (140 litre bin) – your RED garbage bin
  • FORTNIGHTLY kerbside recycling collection (240 litre bin) – your YELLOW recycling bin
  • FORTNIGHTLY green waste collection (240 litre bin) – your GREEN garden bin

If the standard service does not suit your household, alternative bin sizes include:

  • Large RED garbage bin (240 litre bin)
  • Small YELLOW recycling bin (140 litre bin)
  • Large YELLOW recycling bin (360 litre bin)

For more information or to change your service you can download our BIN FORM from the Forms and Resources section below.


How can I work out my collection day?

For a personalised bin collection calendar click here

You can also download the FREE app.

Or contact us on or call 4780 5000


What do I do if I put the wrong bin out on my collection day?

Unfortunately we can’t come back to empty the correct bin.

To help you get the correct collection day in the future, please your personalised bin collection calendar click here or download our free waste app which also has a collection calendar and allows you to set reminders for the night before.


What do I do with waste that won't go in any of my kerbside bins?

Check our A-Z of waste and recycling. If you can’t find anything similar to your item, you can e-mail us on or call 4780 5000.


Why hasn't my bin been emptied?

Leave your bin out until after 2pm as some services may happen late on your collection day. If we haven’t emptied your bin after this time, please call us on 4780 5000 to discuss the situation.

What do I do if my bin is damaged?

Contact us as soon as possible to organise repair or replacement. Email is our preferred contact method, If you don’t have regular access to emails you can also call 4780 5000.


What do I do if my bin is lost or stolen?

Complete the Domestic Waste Service bin Form and 

  • Complete a Statutory Declaration – if the bin went missing during the collection period (5pm the previous day until 5pm on collection day); OR 
  • Pay a replacement bin fee  if the bin went missing outside of the collection period

A statutory declaration needs to include relevant details and be witnessed and signed by an authorised person.This is usually a Justice of the Peace, notary public or Australian Consular Officer. Check here to help find a Justice of the Peace. Completed forms can be returned:

  • EMAIL click the submit button (electronic signature required)
  • In person at Council’s Katoomba or Springwood Office
  • Post to Locked Bag 1005, Katoomba, 2780

I want to change the sizes of my bins, what do I do?

Complete the BIN FORM from the Forms and Resources section below and return it to us.

We will change your bins as soon as we can. Please note there may be delays in processing requests, depending on demand.


How was the new Standard Waste Service decided on?

It took over 2.5 years of research, modelling and costing. We considered over 65 different combinations of waste service option. Each variation included collection frequency, materials collected and treatment options.

Cost was not the only consideration. Risks and benefits of each combination were also evaluated.

We presented the three final options to residents and received an unprecedented response. 9,000 submissions (27% of households) responded.

Over two thirds of residents supported the introduction of some form of green bin. With most (46%) supporting ‘Option B- Green Bin for Garden Waste Only’.

So far, the new green bin service has diverted 9,000 tonnes of garden vegetation from landfill per year.


I don't need a green bin; do I still need to pay for one?

Our contract allows for a green bin service to be available to all households. This means all households will have to pay for the service.

We encourage residents to use the bins for any garden waste that they don’t compost. This includes noxious weeds.


What do I do if I don't have the correct bins?

Email is our preferred contact method, If you don’t have regular access to emails you can also call 4780 5000.