Graffiti management

Graffiti is the illegal defacement of public and/or private property, with markings or graphics without the owner's consent.

Graffiti can take many forms including designs, words or images using paint, permanent markers, scratching or other materials such as stickers and bill posters.

In NSW, graffiti is a crime (vandalism) and is punishable by fines, community service orders, clean-up orders, driver licence orders, or imprisonment.

For graffiti on Council property, you can:

Examples of Council property include:

  • Bus shelters
  • Signs - such as street signs, tourism signs etc.
  • Council buildings such as libraries, halls etc.
  • Parks and playground equipment
  • Roads and footpaths

You can report any incidence of graffiti by contacting:

Prevention By Design

The Prevention By Design program is a diversionary and preventative graffiti management program in partnership with Mountains Youth Services Team.

Young artists attend master classes in design processes and public art to produce high standard works on high profile vandalised walls in town centres.

Works are developed to match the style and vibe of town centres and are developed in consultation with Chambers of Commerce and local businesses.

By creating and supporting areas of high quality street art, young people have the opportunity to participate in developing a vibrant civic environment.

They are also encouraged to develop concept design and communication skills, professionalise the quality of their art forms while creating a powerful deterrent to further vandalism.

The Prevention By Design project is supported by our Graffiti Management Plan and Draft Public Art Policy.

For more information on legal street art refer to Street Art Murals Australia, (SAMA).

Graffiti Management Plan

The Graffiti Management Plan adopted by the Council in August 2010 was superseded by the Crime Prevention Plan.

The Crime Prevention Plan focuses on the reduction of malicious damage including incidents of graffiti within the Blue Mountains Local Government Area (LGA).

The majority of the actions and principles of the Graffiti Management Plan have been transferred into the Crime Prevention Plan which will help guide Council and the community.

Graffiti on Commercial / Private Property

Owners of private residences, shops and commercial buildings are responsible for the removal of graffiti on their properties.

We currently support three volunteer graffiti removal groups which can help to remove graffiti from private / commercial property. 

The Blue Mountains Graffiti Management Alliance are based throughout the Blue Mountains and the best way to contact them is here: 

Contact: Tom Colless on 0418 274 751 or by email at
Contact: Greg Birtles on 0468 333 262 or by email at
Contact: John Oakey on 0428 093 077or by email at 

What you can do to prevent graffiti

There are several things you can do to prevent graffiti:

  • Maintain your property. Poorly maintained areas attract graffiti vandals.
  • Use plants that climb or screen large blank walls or fences. Spiky plants will also deter graffiti vandals.
  • Where possible improve the lighting around properties.
  • Remove any graffiti as soon as possible.
  • Use dark coloured paint on even surfaces.
  • Use rough, textured materials for the surface of walls.
  • Use high-density, low absorbency materials such as hard-burnt bricks.
  • Use an anti-graffiti surface coating on high-risk hot spots. This will make removal much easier.

Graffiti removal kits

In partnership with our local Neighbourhood Centres, you can pick up a graffiti removal kit to assist in reducing the effects of graffiti in our community.

The kits are intended for the specific use of residential households to remove graffiti markers and spray can paint from smooth surfaces.

To pick up a FREE graffiti removal kit, please visit your nearest collection point indicated below:

Neighbourhood Centre Address Open Hours
Blackheath Area Neighbourhood Centre Gardiner Cres, Blackheath 9.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday
Katoomba Customer Contact Centre (Council Offices) 2 Civic Place, Katoomba 9am to 4pm Monday to Friday
Mid Mountains Neighbourhood Centre 9 New Street, Lawson 9am – 4pm Monday to Thursday

9am – 1pm Fridays

Springwood Neighbourhood Centre Co-operative 59 Springwood Avenue, Springwood (opposite Anytime Fitness) 9:15am – 4:30pm Mon, Tues

Thurs & Friday 9:15pm – 12:30pm

Wed Closed daily 12.30 – 1.30pm

Winmalee Neighbourhood Centre 62 White Cross Road, Winmalee 8:30am – 4:00pm Monday to Friday
Lower Mountains Neighbourhood Centre 33 Hope Street, Blaxland 9am – 4.30pm Monday to Thursday 9am – 1pm Friday