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Council's sportsgrounds are available for use by the general public and community groups. Organisations such as Schools, Clubs, Sporting and Church Groups often request either 'one-off' events or seasonal bookings.

  • All Council Parks and Ovals require a Booking Form.
  • No tentative bookings will be taken over the phone.
  • Closure for Maintenance: Parks and Ovals are closed twice each year for maintenance, this is printed on the oval booking forms: Autumn maintenance last two weeks in March; Spring maintenance in September.
  • All ovals are currently closed between the hours of 7am and 4pm during September maintenance period, unless authorised by Council.

Some sportsgrounds are shared with dog-off leash. 

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Browntown Oval

Location: Great Western Highway, Mount Victoria,

Local level Sportsground. The home of Blue...

Blackheath Oval

Location: Clanwilliam Street, Blackheath,

District level Sportsground. Local sportsground...

Melrose Sportsground

Location: Albion Street, Katoomba,

District level Sportsground. Local sportsground...

Bureau Sportsground

District level Sportsground. Local sportsground...

Katoomba Showground

Location: Orient Street, Katoomba,

District level Sportsground. Large, well...

Katoomba Falls Reserve Sportsgrounds

Location: Cliff Drive, Katoomba,

District level Sportsgrounds. Two sportsgrounds...

Peter Carroll Oval

Location: Clarence Street, Katoomba ,

District level Sportsground. Change-rooms and...

Pitt Park

Location: Adele Avenue, Wentworth Falls,

District level Sportsgrounds. Two high standard...

Murray Park Oval

Location: Falls Road, Wentworth Falls,

Local level sportsground. Cricket nets. Some off...

Lawson Oval

Location: Ferris Lane, Lawson,

Local standard sportsground. Cricket pitch.

Gloria Park

Location: Lester Avenue, Hazelbrook,

District standard sportsground. Sports Clubhouse/...

Tom Hunter Oval

Location: Hunter Way, Faulconbridge,

District level sportsground and second smaller...

Lomatia Sportsground

Location: Bland Road, Springwood,

District standard sportsground with high fence...

Summerhayes Oval

Location: Hawkesbury Road, Winmalee,

District level Sportsground. Four sports fields...

Warrimoo Sportsground

Location: 122 Rickard Rd, Warrimoo,

District level Sportsground. Sportsground with...

Blaxland Oval

Location: St Johns Road, Blaxland,

District level Sportsground. Sportsground with...

Glenbrook Park Sportsground

Location: Park Street, Glenbrook,

Local sportsground with cricket pitch. Close...

Glenbrook Oval

Location: Hare Street, Glenbrook,

District sportsground with cricket pitch. Night...

Knapsack Park Oval

Location: Barnett Street, Glenbrook,

3 Sports sportsgrounds. Club house and amenities...

Lapstone Oval

Location: Explorers Road, Lapstone,

Local sportsground often used for rugby with...

Leura Oval

Location: Lone Pine Avenue, Leura,

Facilities: Toilets, park benches and bins. Dog off-leash at restricted times.

Local level sportsground

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