Special Rate Variation funds target the renewal and maintenance of existing built assets (such as roads, drainage, parks and town centres), improvement of emergency response and preparedness, improvements to community services and facilities and the continuation of environmental programs.The targeted areas align with service areas the community has identified as needing to be improved.

Project  Description Type Special Rate Variation Funding 2017-18 Service
Glenbrook Park - including Visitor Information Centre
  • Upgrade of the current Visitor Information Centre building to one that is more suitable as a Regional Tourism Centre. 
  • Link from the Tourism Centre to Glenbrook Park and through to the cafes and shops of Glenbrook town centre. 
  • Provision of additional coach parking space and additional off-road car parking. 
  • Improved access to public toilets from the Tourism Centre. 
  • Upgrade of Glenbrook Park’s playground to an all-abilities playground (the only in the Blue Mountains) at a district park standard.
Asset Works Program $1,103,000  Sport & Recreation
Hazelbrook Bowling Club Car Park Renewal Renewal of the car park adjacent to the Hazelbrook Bowling Club.   Asset Works Program $120,000  Community Development
Hazelbrook Masterplan implementation
  • village centre carpark
  • install stamped thresholds to all carpark entry and exits 
  • install pedestrian control devices (balustrades) 
  • change circulation to one-way
  • widen eastern footpath and install crash protection
  • mural at identified location
Asset Works Program $360,000  Transport & Public Access
Disability Inclusion Action Plan

Implement the Blue Mountains Disability Inclusion Action Plan to provide age friendly public spaces and buildings that older people, children and youth can access and enjoy by undertaking the following capital works activities:

  • Updating previously undertaken audits of community buildings, public spaces and parks;
  • Preparing a program for upgrade of these facilities;
  • Implementing this program progressively.
Asset Works Program $55,000  Community Development
Katoomba Civic Place Renewal Works Addressing a number of risks and deferred renewal works that have been identified at Katoomba Civic Centre precinct. For example: brick parapet, external light fittings, dining room lino, public toilets.  Asset Works Program $90,000  Community Development
Lawson Swim Centre Renewal Major maintenance to bring pool to NSW Health Standards including upgrade of filtration plant, separation of toddlers and learners pool, replacement of lighting & spray feature installation.   Asset Works Program $280,000  Aquatic & Leisure Centres
Mid Mountains Neighbourhood Centre (MMNC) Security System Renewal Renewal of the alarm and security system at the Mid Mountains Neighbourhood Centre.  The Built Assets AMP identifies Alarms and Security Equipment as “critical assets’ within the built assets.  Asset Works Program $20,000  Community Development
Pedestrian Access & Mobility Plan (PAMP) 2025 Deliver priority works from Faulconbridge to Lapstone. The works are renewal in nature and generally consist of new kerb ramps, update non complaint signage and line/pavement markings. Asset Works Program $177,635  Transport & Public Access
Revised Bike Plan 2020 Deliver priority route L8a from Woodford to Linden.  The works are to complete a shared  off road/on road route as identified in the Plan.     Asset Works Program $122,365  Transport & Public Access
Springwood Childcare Centre Remedial works to the Springwood Early Childhood Centre. The building has been the subject of two dilapidation reports and correspondence from Wentworth Health regarding its condition.  The current condition of the facility has also been high-lighted as a “High Risk” on Council’s Built Assets Register.  Asset Works Program $30,000  Community Development
Springwood Library AC Renewal Replacement of the main airconditioning plant at Springwood Library. The current system, installed in 1976, provides heating and cooling for the entire Library building.  Over the last 5 years, the plant has been the subject of breakdown maintenance. Asset Works Program $180,000  Community Development
Springwood Town Centre Parks
  1. Delivery of park upgrade and renewal to Manners Park in accordance with concept plans prepared under the Springwood Town Centre Master Plan (STCMP). 
  2. Production of a movable parklet to be placed in lieu of one-two car parking spaces on Macquarie Road, Springwood and eventually to be relocated to other towns and villages.
Asset Works Program $100,000  Sport & Recreation
Wattlecliffe Levee Wall

According to the Lapstone, South Glenbrook and South Blaxland Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan, up to 5 properties within the Wattlecliffe Estate will be impacted by 1% AEP flood events. The Wattlecliffe Estate is in a high hazard area with flood depth up to 0.5 metre. 

A low wall will be constructed on the footpath between the Great Western Highway and the fence of 1 and 2 Acacia Place and 22 Wattlecliffe Drive, Blaxland  to divert the 1% AEP overland flow into the exiting pit inlet. 

Asset Works Program $18,000  Water Resource Management
Road Reseal & Renewal Asset management program focussed on preserving and restoring the integrity and texture of the existing road surface to reduce risks to public safety, reduce asset deterioration, minimise failures and maintain service function. Asset Works Program $3,627,824  Transport & Public Access
Play Renewal Replace, or just remove, aged and failing play equipment, or components thereof, and provide improvements to the accessibility of the play equipment. Asset Works Program $84,000  Sport & Recreation
Cultural Heritage Rehabilitation Management Fund

Conservation works for high priority Council owned and/or managed cultural heritage assets which may include but is not limited to: 

  • Lennox Bridge, located on Mitchell’s Pass at Glenbrook
  • Map of Australia water feature, located within Wilson Park, Lawson
  • Other heritage elements within Council’s Parks
  • Knapsack Reserve Group, located within the Eastern Escarpment, Glenbrook 
  • Explorer’s Tree, located on the Great Western Highway at Katoomba
  • The Gully, located within the Upper Kedumba River Valley, Katoomba. 
Asset Works Program $110,000  Cultural Development Service
Fire Trail Renewal

Implementation of a renewal and maintenance program that ensures these access tracks are fit for purpose at all times in order to meet new statutory requirements and State-level standards.

Fire trails are also critical for hazard reduction burning operations and are often used during bush rescues and other purposes. As such, the importance of fire trails being maintained in good condition cannot be understated. 

Asset Works Program $159,000  Emergency Management
Sports Council Minor Works The Sports Council Minor Works, as nominated by BM Sports Clubs, and endorsed by the BM Sports Council. Asset Works Program $50,000  Sport & Recreation
Visitor Facilities Risk Mitigation

Completion of the three projects detailed below will meet engineers' recommendations:

  1. Dantes Glen bridge renewal, north Lawson
  2. Junction Falls bridge renewal, south Lawson
  3. Siding Lookout geotechnical stabilisation, Glenbrook  
Asset Works Program $156,629  Sport & Recreation - Natural Area Visitor Facilities
Katoomba Showground Lighting Upgrade Replacement of existing sorts lighting system at Katoomba Showground with a system that meets Australian Standards for sports use (football) and controls obtrusive effects of light to nearby properties and minimises effects, as per the completed design. Design is being sourced this financial year.         Asset Works Program $150,000  Sport & Recreation
Knapsack Park Automatic irrigation Systems Replacement of existing failed irrigation system at Knapsack Park with a system as per the completed design. Hence, the field at Knapsack Park can be watered automatically as per best industry practice.  Asset Works Program $250,000  Sport & Recreation
Demolition of Winmalee Community Hall Demolition of the Winmalee Community Hall & remediation of the site. The Hall is recognised as a high risk on the asset risk register and has been identified as a “known service performance deficiency” within the Building AMP.   Asset Works Program $40,000  Community Development
Mt Riverview RFS Roof Renewal Roof replacement on the Mount Riverview RFS station to ensure the roof is water-tight.   Asset Works Program $25,000  Emergency Management
Operational Building Dilapidation Reports Dilapidation reports on BMCC's main operational buildings HQ, South St and Springwood Depots which are reaching the ends of their usable life and will require significant capital investiment to keep them operational into the future.  These reports will set out required future works to inform future decisions in relation to these assets.  This information is currently not available to make decisions on these key assets.  Asset Works Program $60,000  Administrative Property Portfolio
Stormwater Renewal Program The following site is due for renewal work based on risk assessment - 57A Oakland Road, Hazelbrook Replacement of wooden sleepers that cover a high risk lined open channel section of stormwater drainage network as a site inspection shows they are in poor condition and can fail at any time with a more stable item to cover the open channel and provide a safe and healthy living environment.  This channel is approximately 100 meters and is a concrete lined, open channel that is 2m wide and 2m deep. Without repair there is a potential safety hazards to the people living in the property and also the probability of property damage by the stormwater surcharge from the existing open channel. Asset Works Program $60,000  Water Resource Management
Stormwater Upgrade Program

Upgrading work to the following sites based on risk assessments:

  1. Site one : 18-28 Logbridge Place, Hazelbrook
  2. Site two: 55 Mitchells Pass, Blaxland
  3. Site three: 10 Russell Street, Faulconbridge
Asset Works Program $270,000  Water Resource Management
Footpath Renewal Program Renewal of sections of the existing footpath network identified as in poor condition to increase the longevity of these assets and provide a safer footpath networks for all users. Asset Works Program  No, funds reallocated  Transport & Public Access
Traffic Facilities Renewal Renewal of traffic facility infrastructure (traffic barriers based on condition assessment and specific site risk). Asset Works Program on hold Transport & Public Access
Natural Area Maintenance Increased maintenance of the natural area assets in various locations across all four wards with a primary focus on weed management, regeneration of bushland and community engagement.   Maintenance $103,000  Natural Environment Service
Bike shed demolition & rebuild and garage roof replacement Replace an asbestos shed with a colourbond structure and repair the roof of the garage adjacent. The asbestos shed is in the grounds of 2 Station St, Katoomba and is in constant use by council employees.  Asset Works Program $25,000  Administrative Property Portfolio
Culture Centre Floor Maintenance Stripping & resealing the polished concrete floors of the Cultural Centre including the entrance foyer, reception area, cultural centre shop, café lounge area, art gallery to avoid major wear and tear & irreparable damage & meet safety standards for the public areas.  Maintenance $28,123  Cultural Development
Graffiti Removal Lennox Bridge Removal of graffiti on Lennox Bridge by a specialist graffiti removalist on a monthly basis. Funding is also sought for an additional administration component (1 day per week at class 2/2/2/5) to allow for the management of the contractor & reporting requirements, noting that there is currently no capacity to be able to undertake this additional workload in the Service Delivery Directorate.  Maintenance  $18,000  Transport & Public Access
Kingsford Smith Park Conifer Removal Removal of 21 conifers in Kingsford Smith Park that pose a high risk to residents surrounding the park & users of the park. Whilst Service Delivery has continued to remove dead limbs & monitor the decline of these trees, it is now recognised that they need to be removed Maintenance $100,000  Sport & Recreation
APZ Maintenance Deliver program to maintain APZs for homes adjoining the Council land interface Maintenance $175,100  Emergency Management
Periodic (Biannual) and Ad Hoc Deep Cleans Deep clean of all kitchen equipment, range hoods, horizontal surfaces, windows, window sills, light fittings, etc, in our community buildings. This will be done by external contractors & managed by Service Delivery.  Maintenance $40,000  Community Development
District Park Master Planning

The district parks program adopted by Council on 13 October, 2015 requires preparation of master plan and action plans for implementation for:

  • Glenbrook Park (proposed for public exhibition of the draft and seeking adoption in 2017)
  • Wentworth Falls Lake (proposed to be largely prepared inhouse)
  • Blackheath Memorial Park (proposed to be prepared in 2017) and 
  • Buttenshaw Park Springwood (proposed to be developed in 2018).

This project hopes to achieve progressive transformation of Blue Mountains parks & reserves to better meet current & future community needs.

Operational $35,000  Sport & Recreation
Lawson Golf Course Masterplan Preparation of a masterplan for the former Lawson Golf Course.  Operational $100,000  Liveable City
Strategic Service Review The Strategic Service Review is a Council Strategic Priority. The project will assess the scope and level of services delivered by Council, and their method and efficiency of delivery. The aim is to help Council improve the financial sustainability of the City whilst continuing to deliver value-for-money services that meet the needs of the Blue Mountains community.  Operational $25,000  Corporate Strategic Reporting & Planning
Volunteer Park Care

The events-based model will utilise Council’s existing resources and provide funding for additional hours for current Bushcare Officers and overtime for Parks Staff to support volunteer events on the weekend. 
It is proposed to start with 6 events, the first 4 of which will target locations where staff members know there is volunteer interest.  These sites include:

  • Mt Victoria Park, Mt Victoria
  • Memorial Park, Blackheath
  • Kingsford Smith Park, Katoomba
  • Buttenshaw Park, Springwood.

This project provides an avenue for volunteers to offer their time providing maintenance activities at selected park locations.

Operational $25,000  Sport & Recreation
Additional Parking Officer

Council has commenced a project to deliver a visitor user pays strategy. The strategy will be developed by July 2017, with implementation of new initiatives and changes to existing initiatives expected to begin from August 2017. Whilst the details of the strategy have yet to be determined, it is likely to include additional pay and display parking at key tourist precincts, including Wentworth Falls, Katoomba Falls, Blackheath, and Glenbrook . There is a current unmet demand for parking enforcement at these locations, as existing ranger staff are stretched beyond their capacity. 

An additional parking officer is required to support this enforcement, and to be in place ready for the implementation of existing user pays initiatives next financial year. 

Operational on hold Economic Development & Tourism
Supporting Achievement of Financial Sustainability  A full time strategic financial position for the Strategic Finance team to support achievement of Council’s Fit for the Future targets and long term financial sustainability, ensure sound expenditure of SV2 funding from a strategic finance perspective and effective implementation of Long Term Financial Plan Strategic Actions including monitoring and reporting on progress.  Operational on hold Finance Management
Bullaburra to Linden Flood Plain Risk Management Study & Plan Council received a grant under the NSW Floodplain Management Program 2010 to undertake a floodplain risk management plan for the Glenbrook-Erskine Creek Catchment within the Blue Mountains Local Government Area. The flood study for the Glenbrook-Erskine Creek Catchment was completed in April 2012.
To complete the floodplain risk management process, Council is now to undertake the floodplain risk management study and plan for the study catchment for Sub Section 1 - Bullaburra to Linden.  
Operational $60,000  Water Resource Management
Community Development Youth Services Development Officer & Children and Families Development Officer  Funding two core positions of the Community Development Team, which could potentially lose supplementary funding. The positions are currently subsidised by the NSW State Government with funding agreements set to expire on 30 June 2017, with no certainty of renewal.  Operational - Program on hold Community Development
Events Section Additional EFT  Additional 0.4 EFT admin level staff to assist with increasing numbers of event applications and the new requirements for Traffic Management Plans including new security requirements for community events.  Operational - Program $25,000  Economic Development & Tourism
Asset Management Improvement Program Implement the Asset Management Improvement Plan as endorsed by ELT and included in the latest draft Asset Management Strategy to improve the council’s asset management capability and projected resource requirements and time frames.  Operational - Program $141,867  Asset Planning
Disability Inclusion Action Plan

Implement the Blue Mountains Disability Inclusion Action Plan to provide age friendly public spaces and buildings that older people, children and youth can access and enjoy by undertaking the following capital works activities:

  • Updating previously undertaken audits of community buildings, public spaces and parks;
  • Preparing a program for upgrade of these facilities;
  • Implementing this program progressively.
Operational - Program $20,000  Community Development
Child & Youth Plan
  • Year 1 - Develop mental health programs to be in conjunction with Stronger Families Alliance partners.
  • Years 2–10 - Implement the actions from the Child and Youth Plan.

Priority will be given to programs that target Aboriginal and disadvantaged children and young people, and to programs that demonstrate collaboration between schools and the Stronger Families Alliance member organisations.

Operational - Program $20,000  Community Development
Emergency Preparedness

Maintaining the Emergency Operations Centre (including the training room) to ensure that it is emergency ready for use during major incidents.

Support to emergency services and other organisations during major emergencies through training and preparedness for such activities.

Operational - Program $20,600  Emergency Management
Library Programs

Enable the continued creation of Digital Library to be available 24/7 to the community of the Blue Mountains, consisting of downloadable:

  • eBbooks
  • eAudiobooks
  • eMagazines
  • Local newspaper digitisation (as it becomes copyright free)

Plus access to a wide range of online databases for research.

Project also includes training of staff and ongoing training of the community in the use of these new technologies and all the features of the Blue Mountains Digital Library.

Operational - Program $60,000  Library Services
Footpath grinding & assessment Improve footpath asset condition by grinding of trip hazards and condition data assessment / update to assist and support long term asset management planning work. Operational - Program $100,000  Transport & Public Access
City Presentation Team To create a City Presentation Team of 2 persons & a truck equipped with the necessary tools to carry out horticultural & garden bed renovation works in high profile tourism precincts, town centres, parks & cemeteries for a higher level of service above the current maintenance delivered in these key areas.  Operational - Maintenance on hold City Presentation
Natural Assets & Natural Area Visitor Facilities Program Plan  The Natural assets and Natural area visitor facilities program delivers a number of initiatives to best manage the urban impacts on over 6000 hectares of natural areas at the fringe of our City. Environmental Program $1,474,800  1. Natural Environment Service
2. Sport & Recreation Service
Community Events Security upgrade

The project will fund the research, design and delivery of specialised removable  bollards (if deemed the most appropriate)  to mitigate the potential risk of a vehicle incursion with intent at public events of mass gatherings  in Katoomba, Springwood, Blackheath, Glenhbrook and Leura.  

Public safety will be greatly improved & the risk of a terrorist attack from vehicle incursion will be substantially reduced due to the visual appearance that event sites are more secure. 

Operational Capital  $125,000  Economic Development & Tourism
Upgraded Survey Equipment Purchase of a replacement survey Total Station instrument (Viva MS60) to replace the redundant equipment and  new Controller so  the instruments are compatible and are also with our existing GPS receiver and upgraded software. This new quipment has greater capability and will deliver large efficiencies and more comprehensive data. It incorporates a scanner which will greatly assist asset management as has the capability to scan data inside and outside buildings, or other structures, or complex sites. Stockpile certification, roads and earthworks can be surveyed more effectively with this instrument. It is estimated that this instrument is up to 50% faster than the existing instrument with greater detail being collected.  Operational Capital  $107,000  Asset Planning
Community Development Service Data Dashboard Purchase of a Community Outcomes Data Dashboard software and the salary for a Community Outcomes Data Manager position to provide the Council and Stronger Families Alliance with the technology and capability to implement data to ensure informed and evidenced based decision-making about its program focus, design and continuous improvement for children, young people, their families, older people and the community.  Operational Capital  on hold Community Development
IT Recovery Hardware IT Infrastructure maintenance: Two extra nodes for our Nutanix devices (a newly purchased hyper-converged platform for delivery computing services) and move workloads currently hosted on ageing equipment. This will give I.S. the flexibility to create new workloads, re-provision existing resources if necessary and significantly bolster our disaster recovery capability.  Operational Capital  $47,200  Information Solutions
Southern Scenic Escarpment Project - Katoomba Falls Kiosk and Park SSE - matched to grant Major Projects $108,842  Economic Development & Tourism
Southern Scenic Escarpment Project - Katoomba Falls Kiosk and Park Former Environment Levy Major Projects $237,029  Economic Development & Tourism
Southern Scenic Escarpment - Walking track and Lookout upgrades – Echo Point SSE - matched to grant Major Projects $164,758  Sport & Recreation - Natural Area Visitor Facilities
Southern Scenic Escarpment - Walking track and Lookout upgrades – Echo Point Former Environment Levy Major Projects $41,221  Sport & Recreation - Natural Area Visitor Facilities
Civil Asset Management Improvements - permanent employee   Operational $104,500  25% Water Resource Management
75% Transport & Public Access
Heavy Patch team Continued maintenance programme (former SV2 Brought Forward Programme) Maintenance $538,290  Transport & Public Access
NAVF Structural Assessments Continued programme (former SV2 Brought Forward Programme) Operational $21,218  Sport & Recreation - Natural Area Visitor Facilities
Precinct pavement cleansing Continued maintenance programme (former SV2 Brought Forward Programme) Maintenance $62,700  City Presentation
Sports & Amenities Cleansing Continued maintenance programme (former SV2 Brought Forward Programme) of increased winter cleaning of sportsgrounds and summer cleaning of amenities and town centre amenities Maintenance $63,654  1. Sport & Recreation - Recreation Facilities
2. City Presentation
Street Sweeper running costs Continued maintenance programme (former SV2 Brought Forward Programme) Maintenance $164,576  50% Transport & Public Access
25% City Presentation
25% Water Resource Management