The Planting Trees for the Queen’s Jubilee Program is a nationwide initiative providing grants for eligible community groups and organisations to plant trees to commemorate the late Queen Elizabeth II, and mark her legacy in her Jubilee year. As part of this initiative, Blue Mountains City Council is partnering with Blackheath Rhododendron Festival Inc. to plant new trees along Govetts Leap Road in Blackheath.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Who is funding these plantings?
Blackheath Rhododendron Festival Inc. successfully secured a grant from the Australian Government’s Planting Trees for The Queen’s Jubilee Program to fund these trees.

Why is this happening?
As well as commemorating Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee, this event celebrates the Platinum Jubilee year of the Blackheath Rhododendron Festival. These trees will enhance the existing tree canopy, leaving a legacy of their own in the form of trees flourishing and beautifying the streetscape for all the community to enjoy now and into the future.  

What is Council’s role in these plantings?

Blue Mountains City Council will assist the Blackheath Rhododendron Festival community in planting these trees. Council will maintain these trees to ensure that they contribute to the environment, providing shade and amenity to the streetscape, reducing traffic noise, and improving the overall health and well-being of our residents.  

A qualified Council officer has assessed the street for tree planting, taking into consideration street signage, location of services, and the width of the footpath.  

Where is this happening?
The proposed tree planting will line Govetts Leap Road from Wentworth Street to Prince Edward Street. See map showing the plantings here.

What trees are being planted?
The species of trees selected for planting on the even-numbered side of the road is Liriodendron tulipifera (tulip trees), and Acer buergerianum (trident maple) on the odd-numbered side of the road. 

When is this happening?

The planting of the trees will begin on 22 October and the official Queen’s Jubilee commemorative ceremony will take place after the Rhododendron Festival celebrations on 12 November 2022

For any enquiries related to this project, please contact Council on (02) 4780 5000 or email