Our plans for a sustainable, successful and resilient Blue Mountains 2035.

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Community Strategic Plan
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Community Strategic Plan

Blue Mountains Community Strategic Plan 2035 is our highest level long-term plan for our City.

It reflects our vision, aspirations and priorities for the future and outlines how we will achieve these goals by working together. It maps our journey of:

  • Where are we now?
  • Where do we want to be in 10 years’ time?
  • How will we get there?
  • How will we know we’ve arrived?

Every 4 years following an ordinary election of Councillors, the Council must review the Community Strategic Plan. In preparation for the September 2020 Council elections, we have commenced the process of reviewing and updating our Community Strategic Plan.  Council’s role is to guide the community and other key stakeholders through important conversations about what kind of City we want the Blue Mountains to be by 2035 and what the priorities and aspiration of our community are for the future. Any changes to the Community Strategic Plan must be endorsed by the Council by 30 June 2021.

Our Six Key Directions

Our six key directions in the Plan, and our objectives and strategies set for each direction, provide the framework for the Delivery Program and Operational Plan.

Get more information on the Six Key Directions

It is your Blue Mountains Community Strategic Plan 2035. Get it here

Community Engagement

We are dedicated to informed and transparent consultation and decision-making. Council will adopt a range of engagement techniques to ensure the community and other stakeholders have an opportunity to have their say and provide meaningful input into the update of the Community Strategic Plan for the City of the Blue Mountains. The Community Engagement Strategy outlines how we will be consulting and engaging with our community and stakeholders. Download our Community Engagement Strategy below.

Community Satisfaction Surveys

We’ve been conducting community satisfaction surveys since 1996 (either annually or more recently biennially). The purpose of these surveys is to measure what our community thinks about the services that Council provides, including satisfaction and importance ratings, and to better understand community priorities to inform our business planning and resource allocation.

Our Community Satisfaction Surveys are also available to download, under 'Related downloads'.

Resourcing Strategy including the Long Term Financial Plan

The Blue Mountains Resourcing Strategy supports our long term resourcing commitment to implementing the objectives and strategies in our Community Strategic Plan. It outlines our 10-year finance, asset and workforce strategies (2017-2027) within available resources, in 3 separate plans.

Long Term Financial Plan

The Long Term Financial Plan provides a 10 year view of costs associated with meeting the objectives and strategies in the Blue Mountains Community Strategic Plan 2035. 

We will continue to improve our financial capacity by implementing our six strategies for financial sustainability:

  • Avoiding shocks
  • Balancing the budget
  • Managing borrowings and investments responsibly
  • Increasing income
  • Reviewing and adjusting services
  • Increasing advocacy and partnerships

The Long Term Financial Plan is part of the Resourcing Strategy.

Asset Management Strategy

Our Asset Management Strategy outlines:

  • The condition of our assets.
  • How we will meet our City’s asset requirements over the next 10 years. 
  • How we will manage asset risks within available resources.

The Asset Management Strategy is part of the Resourcing Strategy.

Workforce Management Strategy

The Workforce Management Strategy is about our people. It outlines our workforce plans to enable us to provide the range of services and facilities in the Blue Mountains Community Strategic Plan 2035.

The Workforce Management Strategy is part of the Resourcing Strategy.

Download the Resourcing Strategy below.

Delivery Program & Operational Plan

Our Delivery Program sets out what Council will do over the next four years to reach the long term vision and objectives in our Blue Mountains Community Strategic Plan 2035. It includes:

  • Actions with timelines so that we know where we are going
  • Financial resources required to get us there.
  • Targets and performance measures so that we know we are on track.

In our 1 year Operational Plan you can see what projects we are prioritising for each year of the Delivery Program.

Download the Delivery Program 2017-2021 and Operational Plan 2020-2021 below.



Community Strategic Plan


Resourcing Strategy 2017-2027