Each key direction reflects values, aspirations, objectives and strategies that the City must implement to achieve our future vision for the Blue Mountains. Each key direction provides a framework for action and requires the whole city - agencies, organisations, community groups, residents and stakeholders - to work together to achieve each key direction.

key direction - lead

LEAD – inspiring leadership

A sustainable city has inspiring community and civic leadership that acts responsibly in the broader interests. It aspires to transform local communities into better places for current and future generations.

Working together our actions will:

  1. Strengthen our financial sustainability
  2. Provide transparent, fair and accountable leadership and governance at all levels of our city.
  3. Provide value for money sustainable services and infrastructure.
  4. Achieve a more sustainable, successful and resilient city.

Key direction - protect

PROTECT – an environmentally responsible city

An environmentally responsible city is concerned with the human impact on the natural environment and how resources are used. The natural environment is valued for its intrinsic nature and role in maintaining all forms of life.

With an awareness of global and local issues, the City respects, conserves and restores the environment and avoids development in areas that are ecologically sensitive. The importance of retaining natural areas within the urban footprint is understood.

Working together our actions will:

  1. Maintain and enhance the condition, health and diversity of native flora, fauna, habitat, ecosystems, waterways, water catchment and groundwater.
  2. Use and manage our resources in an environmentally responsible way.
  3. Protect the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area.
  4. Support traditional owners and the broader Aboriginal community to connect to, care for and benefit from Country.

key direction - care

CARE – an inclusive, healthy and vibrant city

An inclusive, healthy and vibrant city is concerned with the well-being of all residents. It plans for and meets diverse needs, providing people with access to basic resources required to live. Diversity enriches the city and makes it more exciting and vibrant.

The fair distribution of resources fosters a stable and healthy community. Better health for all is promoted through preventative action and early intervention, provision of accessible local health services and through supporting people to live active healthy lifestyles.

Sustainable food initiatives that improve access to fresh local produce, are supported. Community expression, creativity and cultural development are encouraged. Learning is understood to be a life-long enriching process.

Working together our actions will ensure Blue Mountains communities are:

  1. Safe, caring, diverse and inclusive.
  2. Healthy and active.
  3. Resilient and prepared for natural disasters.
  4. Centres of culture, creativity and life-long learning.

key direction - live

LIVE – a liveable city

A liveable city provides safe, healthy and vital spaces and places for people of all ages and abilities. Through creative planning and design, the development of vibrant places is fostered. The liveable city encourages community interaction and connection and facilitates people living close to where they work.

Centralising population close to public transport uses land and infrastructure more efficiently. Local heritage and places of natural, cultural and historical significance, that have intrinsic value to the community, are retained and enhanced.

Liveable cities promote development on a human scale and have distinct and attractive towns and streetscapes.

Working together our actions will:

  1. Create vibrant and well-designed places and spaces for people to live, work and play.
  2. Maintain and strengthen the distinctive qualities, local identity and sense of pride in our towns and villages.
  3. Manage the impact of development on the natural and built environment.
  4. Meet the diverse housing needs of our City.

key direction - move

MOVE – an accessible city

An accessible city makes it easy for people of all ages and abilities to move around and access services and facilities, work and recreation. It provides accessible pathways of travel leading to accessible places and spaces.

An accessible built environment is well designed and inclusive. It benefits everyone, increasing their participation in the community and in the local economy.

The environmentally friendly accessible city maximises sustainable choices for moving around – reducing reliance on cars and promoting less polluting means of transport such as public transport, walking and cycling.

Working together our actions will:

  1. Ensure an integrated, accessible and sustainable transport network.
  2. Provide a safe, well designed and maintained network of roads.
  3. Ensure our City has an integrated, accessible public transport network with good connections within the city and to the Greater Sydney Region.
  4. Provide a pedestrian and cycleway network that supports active movement and access to centres and facilities.

key direction - thrive

THRIVE – and economically sustainable City

An economically sustainable city facilitates a diverse, robust and environmentally friendly local economy that benefits local residents.

Sustainable businesses and industries that have minimal impact on the natural environment are encouraged and supported.

A vibrant city encourages and facilitates a variety of sustainable industries, enterprises and businesses.

Working together our actions will:

  1. Create a diverse economy that is vibrant strong and environmentally sustainable with increased local employment.
  2. Foster a strong Blue Mountains City identity that builds on our natural and built heritage and creative strengths as a City of Arts and a City surrounded by a World Heritage Area.
  3. Provide a City infrastructure that supports diverse and sustainable economic development.
  4. Position Blue Mountains as a leader of sustainable tourism and destination management within a World Heritage Area.