General Public Notices

Blue Mountains City Council's Oval Spraying Operations for Broad Leaf Weed, Insects & Bindi-eye

During  August, September, October & November 2022, Council’s Sporting Ovals Section will be conducting spraying on the following ovals:

  • Lapstone oval
  • Glenbrook Park
  • Glenbrook oval
  • Knapsack ovals
  • Blaxland ovals
  • Warrimoo ovals
  • Summerhayes ovals
  • Lomatia oval
  • Tom Hunter oval
  • Gloria oval
  • Pitt Park
  • Leura oval
  • Peter Carroll oval
  • Melrose oval
  • Bureau oval
  • Blackheath oval, and
  • Browntown oval

Using the herbicides, Pennmag, Active Constituent: 960 g/L S-Metolachior. Destiny Herbicide, Active Constituent: 100 g/kg iodosulfuron-methyl-sodium. Bow & Arrow Herbicide, Active Constituents: 20 g/L Clopyralid, 15 g/L Diflufenican, 300 g/L MCPA. Thumper insecticide, Active Constituent: 20 g/L Abamectin. Columbus Insecticide, Active Constituent: 250 g/L Thiamethoxam. Smackdown Herbicide, Active Constituent 240g/L Carfentrazone-ethyl. Cutlass Herbicide, Active Constituent: 500g/L Dicamba.

This spraying will only take place if the weather permits.

Any enquiries regarding these activities please call 4780 5000.  

Commencement of Blue Mountains City-wide Local Infrastructure Contributions Plan 2022 The Blue Mountains City-wide Local Infrastructure Contributions Plan 2022 was adopted by Council on 28 June 2022 and commences 1 July 2022, as per this notice, pursuant to the requirements of Part 9 Division 3 Clause 214 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2021.
Draft Amendment 13A to Blue Mountains Local Environmental Plan 2015

Blue Mountains City Council has prepared a Planning Proposal for draft Amendment 13A to Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2015 and is now seeking your feedback. 

The planning proposal to amend LEP 2015 is seeking local variations to the Low Rise Housing Diversity Code in the State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008.

The draft Amendment is on public exhibition from Wednesday 29 June until Friday 5 August 2022 and can be viewed at Council’s ‘Have Your Say’ website

You can make a written submission by one of the following methods:
• Online via the Have Your Say webpage at
• Email to 
• Mail to Chief Executive Officer, Blue Mountains City Council, Locked Bag 1005, Katoomba, NSW 2780.

Please include Submission to Amendment 13A to LEP 2015 in your subject heading. 

Submissions will close on Friday 5 August 2022.

For further information, please contact the City Planning Team on 02 4780 5000.

Seasonal Weed Management Activities

Council will be treating weed species on public lands throughout the mountains during May and June 2022. Treatment will be focused on target areas determined by:

  • The presence of Endangered Ecological Communities 
  • Negative impacts that weed occurrence may have on an area 
  • Bushcare or Landcare group activities
  • Other environmental focused programs
  • Drainage systems

Weeds will be treated during the growing season prior to seeding or as resources allow. The following herbicides will be used:

High/Low Volume Spraying

Chemical: Roundup Biactive, active constituent of Glyphosate 360g/L.
Target species: Balloon Vine; Bamboo; Crofton Weed; Morning Glory; Pampas Grass. 

Chemical: Starane, active constituent of Fluroxypyr 333g/L.
Target species: Madeira Vine. 

Chemical: Taskforce, active constituent of Flupropanate 745g/L.
Target species: African Lovegrass; Coolatai Grass; Serrated Tussock. 

Chemical: Brushoff, active constituent of Metsulfuron methyl.
Target species: Blackberry; Cape Broom; Cotoneaster; Himalayan Honeysuckle; Lantana; Portuguese Heath; Privet sp.; St John’s Wort. 

WARNING: Blackberry may have been sprayed with herbicide. Please don’t pick these.

Cut and Paint

Chemical: Roundup Biactive, active constituent of Glyphosate 360g/L.
Target species: African Olive; Bamboo; Boneseed; Box Elder; Cape Broom; Cotoneaster; Gorse; Holly; Lantana; Pampas Grass; Privet; Scotch Broom. 

Enquires can be directed to 4780 5343. 

Are you Sensitive to Chemicals?
Council is continually updating its Chemical Sensitive Register. This is a list of residents who wish to be notified prior to spraying weeds in the proximity of their property. Adequate notice and timeframes will be given to allow time for people to make alternative arrangements whilst treatment is in progress. 

If you wish to be included on the Chemical Sensitive Register please send your request with contact details / address to

Council adheres to best practice guidelines and use the least amount of registered herbicides necessary to be effective. All weed control staff are trained in Conservation and Land Management and safe use and storage of chemicals.

Local Planning Panel (LPP) Meeting

Please see this page for meeting dates and further information about the panel please click here

The agenda and determinations are published online. 

Load Limit in place for rail bridge on Wilson Way, Blaxland

Sydney Trains has placed an interim 19 tonne load limit on the rail bridge on Wilson Way, Blaxland. The interim load limit will be in place pending the outcome of a detailed engineering review to be conducted by Sydney Trains (date unknown).

Council will be installing 19 tonne load limit signage at the approaches to the bridge in accordance with Section 115 of the Roads Act 1993.  This load limit will preclude any vehicle over 19 tonne from using this bridge, effective from the date on which the signage is erected. 

Further information: contact Council on 4780 5000.

Alternate route information:

  • Potential Alternative Route 1 - via Railway Pde Warrimoo - download map
  • Potential Alternative Route 2 - via Layton Ave, Wilson Way Blaxland - download map
    • Potential Alternative Route 3 - via Hare St Glenbrook - download map

Road naming and road re-naming proposals

Please see this page for information about road naming and road re-naming proposals in the Blue Mountains.