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Classification of Land for Part Road Closure as Operational Land at Tomah Drive, Mount Tomah

Under Section 34 and Section 31 of the Local Government Act 1993, notice is given that the Minister for Local Government will allocate the classification of Operational land to facilitate the sale of the part road closure of Tomah Drive, Mount Tomah.

Related Council reports:

Council (acting on behalf of the Minister) invites interested parties to make submissions concerning the proposal for a period of forty (40) days or from 2 December 2019 till 10 January 2020 to the Chief Executive Office, Blue Mountains City Council, Locked Bag 1005, Katoomba NSW 2780. All submissions received will be referred to the Minister’s delegate for consideration. 

Regarding the provisions of the Government Information (Public Access) Act, information contained in such submissions may, at the discretion of Blue Mountains City Council and NSW Department of Local Government, be referred to the person(s) who initiated the proposal for appropriate consideration.

Presentation of Financial Statements

In accordance with Section 418 (3) of the Local Government Act, 1993, Blue Mountains City Council advises that the ordinary Council meeting to be held on Tuesday 29 October, 2019 will include the presentation of the Audited Financial Statements and the Auditor’s Reports for the year ending 30/6/2019.

A summary can be viewed here. The complete Annual Financial Statements 2018-2019 document can be viewed here

Submissions on the Annual Financial Statements 2018-2019 will close Tuesday 5 November 2019.

Oval Broad Leaf Weeds Spraying Operations

During October & November 2019, Council will be spraying broad leaf weeds on the following ovals.

Glenbrook Oval, Lomatia Oval, Pitt Park ovals, Murray Oval, Leura oval, Peter Carroll oval and Croquet court, Melrose oval using the following chemical. Bow & Arrow Herbicide, Active Constituents - 20g/L Clopyralid, 15g/L Diflufenican, 300g/L MCPA. 

Spraying will only take place if weather permits. Any enquiries regarding these activities please contact Council on 4780 5000.

Oval Spraying Operations

During October & November 2019, Council will be spraying broad leaf weeds, grasses & insects on the following ovals:

Lapstone oval, Knapsack ovals, Blaxland ovals, Warrimoo ovals, Summerhayes ovals, Tom Hunter oval, Katoomba Showground, Browntown oval using the herbicides, Penmag, Active Constituent – 960g/L S-Metolachior. Destiny Herbicide, Active Constituent - 100 g/kg iodosulfuron-methyl-sodium. Meridian Insecticide, Active Constituent – 250g/kg Thiamethoxam. Bow & Arrow Herbicide, Active Constituents – 20g/L Clopyralid, 15g/L Diflufenican, 300g/L MCPA. 

Spraying will only take place if weather permits. Any enquiries regarding these activities please contact Council on 4780 5000.

Local Planning Panel (LPP) Meeting 

Please see this page for meeting dates and further information about the panel please click here

The agenda and determinations are published online. 

Load Limit in place for rail bridge on Wilson Way, Blaxland

Sydney Trains has placed an interim 19 tonne load limit on the rail bridge on Wilson Way, Blaxland. The interim load limit will be in place pending the outcome of a detailed engineering review to be conducted by Sydney Trains (date unknown).

Council will be installing 19 tonne load limit signage at the approaches to the bridge in accordance with Section 115 of the Roads Act 1993.  This load limit will preclude any vehicle over 19 tonne from using this bridge, effective from the date on which the signage is erected. 

Further information: contact Council’s Program Leader Civil and Traffic, Tony Moore on 4780 5000.

Alternate route information:

  • Potential Alternative Route 1 - via Railway Pde Warrimoo - download map
  • Potential Alternative Route 2 - via Layton Ave, Wilson Way Blaxland - download map
  • Potential Alternative Route 3 - via Hare St Glenbrook - download map

How to report littering from a vehicle

You can help stop litter where it starts!

Most people in NSW find roadside and community litter offensive and want to see this problem reduced! The new public reporting system will help to increase awareness of the problem.

  • Littering from a vehicle is a major contributor to roadside and public place litter.
  • Over 90% of reports for littering from a vehicle are for cigarette butts.
  • From February 2015, the NSW EPA has issued penalty notices for littering from a vehicle based on the information received in reports from members of the public who are over 18.
  • Littering from a motor vehicle is covered under the NSW Protection of the Environment Operations Act (1997).
  • Reports can no longer be received by the Environment Line.