This project is intended to improve health and safety outcomes for the Blue Mountains community by providing the community with useful, easy to understand and up to date information about the hazards associated with handling and/or working with asbestos containing materials and other hazardous waste.       

By working together and correctly disposing of hazardous wastes we can ensure the health and safety of our community and the environment is not put at risk. 

Community Health and Safety 

Community health and safety is important for each and every individual because we all desire to live, work and play in a safe and protected environment. Being proactive in managing potential risks when it comes to disposing of hazardous wastes ensures your wellbeing, and that of your family and friends is protected.

Protecting World Heritage

The Blue Mountains is one of only two cities in the world surrounded by a World Heritage National Park.  The area is 1 million hectares of national park and wilderness dominated by temperate eucalypt forest. The area supports exceptional biodiversity including a number of rare plants.  It’s highly valued for it Aboriginal heritage and outstanding geological features of sandstone cliffs, slot canyons and waterfalls. 

We all need to ensure we protect this unique and sensitive natural area. By doing so we are ensuring benefits of biodiversity, cultural and spiritual values, historical significance and opportunities for tourism remain available. 

The community and the Council need to work together ensuring the correct and safe disposal of hazardous waste and by doing so protect the Blue Mountains world heritage area, now and for future generations. 

Hazardous Waste….Together we’ve got it sorted!

This information has been produced as part of the Council’s Enforceable Undertaking (EU) with SafeWork NSW. The Council entered into the Enforceable Undertaking after SafeWork NSW alleged that the Council contravened clauses 425(1), 429(2), 479(1), and 445(1) of the Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011. The full undertaking and general information about enforceable undertakings is available at