If your property is identified as a ‘Deferred Matter’ from Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2015, then development on that land will continue to be controlled and guided by the relevant LEP and Development Control Plan (DCP) that applied to the land prior to the implementation of LEP 2015.

Deferred sites generally include:

  • Land zoned Living Conservation under LEP 2005 (proposed to be R6 Residential Character Conservation under DLEP 2013)
  • Land requiring mapping changes or other land identified as requiring further review.

Draft LEP 2013 is also considered for any development applications on a Deferred Matter. This is because an exhibited draft LEP remains until the new LEP is adopted. When Deferred Matters are brought into LEP 2015, either through the introduction of a new zone (land zoned Living-Conservation under LEP 2005) or through Amendment 1 to LEP 2015, then DLEP 2013 will no longer need to be considered.

Select the controls that apply to your land.