At the Council Meeting on 25 May 2021 the Council formally initiated the Blue Mountains Planetary Health Advisory Committee and endorsed the proposed Terms of Reference including membership, operation and governance of this Advisory Committee.

Download the Terms of Reference here

Blue Mountains Planetary Health Advisory Committee

Blue Mountains City Council recently called for members for the new Planetary Health Advisory Committee.  Expressions of Interest (EOI) closed at 5pm on Wednesday, 23 June 2021.

The Advisory Committee will include up to 12 members who will bring a mix of high level expertise, skills and capabilities across a range of disciplines of relevance to Planetary Health.

The membership of the Advisory Committee will comprise:

  • A Councillor Chair – as resolved by the Council
  • The Chief Executive Officer (“the CEO”) of the Council or her delegate
  • The Director, Environment and Planning Services or his delegate
  • A Gundungurra Traditional owner representative
  • A Dharug Traditional Owner representative, and
  • Up to seven other expert based, cross discipline and sector representatives from such areas as: higher education institutions, other levels of government, other relevant institutions, organisations or agencies, local community organisations, groups and /or other key stakeholders.

All members of the Advisory Committee will have expertise in Planetary Health related areas and will serve in a voluntary capacity.

The EOI process is being overseen and implemented by the Chair of the Advisory Committee Cr Mick Fell, the CEO Dr Rosemary Dillon and the Mayor Mark Greenhill.  


Term of the Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee will be established for a period of five years, after which the Council has the option of further extending the term of the committee. However, the Council retains the right to dissolve the Advisory Committee at any time by formal resolution.


Meeting frequency

The Advisory Committee will meet on a monthly basis or on a frequency as determined by the Chair in consultation with the CEO.



As one of only two cities in the world being located within a UNESCO declared World Heritage Area, the Council recognises its stewardship responsibility in managing the City of Blue Mountains sustainably within a landscape of global biodiversity and ecosystem significance. 

With this in mind, and with a philosophy of “think globally, act locally”, the establishment of the Planetary Health Advisory Committee is to advise and guide the Council on the establishment and implementation of a Planetary Health Action Program that will include such activities as: 

  • The establishment of a Planetary Health Leadership Centre in Katoomba with the aim of providing local, regional, national and international benefits and connections; 
  • The development and implementation of a range of planetary health initiatives – environmental, social, economic and governance – with potential local, regional, national and international significance; 
  • Building partnerships and connections with other agencies and organsiations, including higher education institutions and other levels of government, relevant stakeholders and groups, that will advance and support Planetary Health aims of the Council; 
  • Increasing understanding of emerging planetary health challenges in general and with particular focus locally within the context of the City of Blue Mountains; 
  • Guiding and advising the Council on ways its services, local action programs and City governance can best support planetary health and achievement of a more sustainable Blue Mountains into the future.