What is Planet Youth? 

Planet Youth Blue Mountains (PYBM) is a community-centred project aimed at preventing alcohol and drug use amongst young people by strengthening the social environment they grow up in.

Planet Youth works by focusing on the things that help protect young people from substance use. It is about understanding their attitudes and behaviours, and then it’s about supporting parents, carers and communities to work together to find positive ways to reduce the risk of substance use by strengthening ‘protective factors’.

Planet Youth began in the 90s in Iceland as a local initiative. Over the next 20 years, Iceland changed the game. They went from having the highest rates of substance use amongst young people in Europe, to having the lowest. Planet Youth is now being adopted by communities all over the world. The Blue Mountains is one of five pilot sites for the program in Australia. 

To bring Planet Youth to the Blue Mountains, Blue Mountains City Council (BMCC) has partnered with the Australian Drug Foundation (ADF) as well as 14 other community organisations that are now actively working on the program.

Did you know?

The Planet Youth research highlighted substance use amongst Year 10 students in the Blue Mountains. But it also revealed that there are a number of things we can do right now that have been proven to reduce substance use amongst young people. Find out more about the survey findings at www.planetyouthbm.net.au/survey.

How can people get involved?

The power of the Planet Youth approach is in the community. It is all about people learning, connecting and taking action together. As a first step, people can learn more by going to the Planet Youth Blue Mountains website and follow the Instagram and Facebook pages.

There will be information sessions and community conversations held online and face-to-face (when possible due to current COVID-19 restrictions), and we hope to see local groups forming that people can join. But the most important thing people can do now is just start a conversation.

Contact information:

Planet Youth BM Project Officer
Nikki Boys t. 02 4780 5545
e. nboys@bmcc.nsw.gov.au

Together we can help our young people live their best lives.