Play spaces:

  • Mt Victoria Park 
  • Blackheath Soldiers Memorial Park 
  • Jubilee Park Blackheath – 3 signs required 
  • Hinkler Park, Katoomba 
  • Katoomba Falls Reserve 
  • Melrose Park, North Katoomba 
  • Bureau Park, North Katoomba 
  • Bloome Park, Leura 
  • Wilson Park Wentworth Falls
  • Nobel St Park Bullaburra 
  • Gloria Park, Hazelbrook 
  • Summerhayes Park, Winmalee 
  • Buttenshaw Park, Springwood 
  • Lomatia Park, Springwood 
  • Early Childhood Centre, Springwood 
  • Blaxland Oval 
  • Lennox Park, Blaxland 
  • Warrimoo Oval 
  • Glenbrook Park 
  • Lapstone Oval

Dog Off-Leash areas

  • Whitley Park, Blackheath 
  • Katoomba Falls Reserve 
  • Pitt Park, Wentworth Falls
  • Old Lawson Golf Course 
  • Summerhayes Park, Winmalee
  • Whitton Park, Glenbrook

Outdoor Sports Courts

  • Mt Victoria Tennis 
  • Blackheath Basketball 
  • Medlow Bath Tennis 
  • Wentworth Falls Tennis 
  • Summerhayes Park Netball, Winmalee
  • Lomatia Park Netball/Basketball, Springwood
  • Churchill Place, Springwood
  • Warrimoo Tennis, Warrimoo
  • Lennox Park Tennis, Blaxland
  • Blaxland Oval Basketball
  • Lapstone Netball 
  • Lapstone Tennis 

Outdoor Gyms

  • Summerhayes Park, Winmalee

**On the map below we feature 21 of our parks, available for use by the general public and community groups, as well as our 6 skate parks. We also feature 42 of our sportsgrounds and courts. Search the map below – or get more information by clicking on the pictures in the ‘Featured’ sections below.

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    Blackheath Soldiers Memorial Park

    Location: Park Avenue, Blackheath,

    This park has significant heritage value, with...

    Wentworth Falls Lake Park

    Location: Sinclair Crescent, Wentworth Falls,

    This park has a picnic area on the shores of...

    Buttenshaw Park

    Location: Great Western Highway, Springwood ,

    This park is currently quite formal but will...

    Glenbrook Park

    Location: Park Street, Glenbrook ,

    With a new playground for young children, as well...

    Jubilee Park, Blackheath

    Location: Clanwilliam Street, Blackheath,

    Picnic shelters, benches, bins, open green space...

    Melrose Park

    Location: Albion Street, Katoomba,

    Park benches and bins and playground equipment....

    Katoomba Falls Reserve

    Location: Cliff Drive, Katoomba,

    Two sportsgrounds. Park benches and bins and play...

    Gloria Park

    Location: Lester Avenue, Hazelbrook,

    Playground with park benches and bins. Public...

    Summerhayes Oval

    Location: Hawkesbury Road, Winmalee,

    District level Sportsground. Four sports fields...

    Blaxland Oval Playground

    Location: St Johns Road, Blaxland,

    Local Park with play equipment. In proximity to...

    Lennox Park

    Location: 29 Matthew Parade, East Blaxland,

    2 Tennis Courts. Paved paths suitable for...

    Mt Victoria Memorial Park

    Location: Cnr Great Western Highway & Station Street, Mt Victoria,

    Picnic tables, play equipment, toilets and play...

    Medlow Bath Park

    Location: Railway Parade, Medlow Bath,

    Play equipment, toilets, park benches and...

    Bert Hinkler Park, Katoomba

    Location: Corner Katoomba & Warialda Street, Katoomba,

    Toilets. Park benches and bins, picnic shelter...

    Gordon’s Falls Park

    Location: Cnr Olympian Parade and Lone Pine Avenue, Leura,

    Park benches, bins and grotto shelters. Lookout...

    The Village Green

    Location: Noble Street, Bullaburra,

    Park bench, bin and playground equipment....

    Wilson Park

    Location: St Bernards Drive, Lawson,

    Public toilets, park benches, bins and playground...

    Linden Park

    Location: Corner Glossop Road and Burke Road, Linden,

    Playground equipment. Basketball hoop and circle....

    Yellow Rock Park

    Location: 22a Illingworth Road, Yellow Rock,

    Play equipment. Bike path circuit. Picnic bench,...

    Arthur Street Possum Park

    Location: 18 Arthur Street, Warrimoo,

    Recently renovated play equipment. Picnic benches...

    Outrim Park

    Location: 10 Hope Street, Blaxland,

    Play equipment. Fenced and in close proximity (to...

    Blackheath skatepark

    Location: Neate Park, Great Western Highway, Blackheath,

    A local level beginner facility. Features a mini...

    Melrose skatepark

    Location: Albion Street, Katoomba,

    Junior skatepark - for beginners.

    Katoomba skatepark

    Location: Goldsmith Place, Katoomba ,

    Best half-pipe in the mountains with ramps of...

    Lawson skatepark

    Location: Bellevue Park, Great Western Hwy, Lawson,

    Good bowl and a 7ft vertical wall. The 7ft...

    Winmalee skatepark

    Location: Adjacent to Bunnel Avenue, Hawkesbury Road, Winmalee,

    Best for street skateboarders. Few ramps, lots of...

    Glenbrook skatepark

    Location: Glenbrook Oval, Corner of Hare Street and Great Western Hwy,

    Glenbrook skate park is fun for bikes,...

    Browntown Oval

    Location: Great Western Highway, Mount Victoria,

    Local level Sportsground. The home of Blue...

    Blackheath Oval

    Location: Clanwilliam Street, Blackheath,

    District level Sportsground. Local sportsground...

    Melrose Sportsground

    Location: Albion Street, Katoomba,

    District level Sportsground. Local sportsground...

    Bureau Sportsground

    District level Sportsground. Local sportsground...

    Katoomba Showground

    Location: Orient Street, Katoomba,

    District level Sportsground. Large, well...

    Katoomba Falls Reserve Sportsgrounds

    Location: Cliff Drive, Katoomba,

    District level Sportsgrounds. Two sportsgrounds...

    Peter Carroll Oval

    Location: Clarence Street, Katoomba ,

    District level Sportsground. Change-rooms and...

    Pitt Park

    Location: Adele Avenue, Wentworth Falls,

    District level Sportsgrounds. Two high standard...

    Murray Park Oval

    Location: Falls Road, Wentworth Falls,

    Local level sportsground. Cricket nets. Some off...

    Lawson Oval

    Location: Ferris Lane, Lawson,

    Local standard sportsground. Cricket pitch.

    Gloria Park

    Location: Lester Avenue, Hazelbrook,

    District standard sportsground. Sports Clubhouse/...

    Tom Hunter Oval

    Location: Hunter Way, Faulconbridge,

    District level sportsground and second smaller...

    Lomatia Sportsground

    Location: Bland Road, Springwood,

    District standard sportsground with high fence...

    Summerhayes Oval

    Location: Hawkesbury Road, Winmalee,

    Four sportsfields with night lights. Sports...

    Warrimoo Sportsground

    Location: 122 Rickard Rd, Warrimoo,

    District level Sportsground. Sportsground with...

    Blaxland Oval

    Location: St Johns Road, Blaxland,

    District level Sportsground. Sportsground with...

    Glenbrook Park Sportsground

    Location: Park Street, Glenbrook,

    Local sportsground with cricket pitch. Close...

    Glenbrook Oval

    Location: Hare Street, Glenbrook,

    District sportsground with cricket pitch. Night...

    Knapsack Park Oval

    Location: Barnett Street, Glenbrook,

    3 Sports sportsgrounds. Club house and amenities...

    Lapstone Oval

    Location: Explorers Road, Lapstone,

    Local sportsground often used for rugby with...

    Mt Victoria Memorial Park Tennis Court

    Location: Cnr Great Western Highway & Station Street, Mt VictoriaCnr Great Western Highway & Station Street, Mt Victoria,

    1 synthetic surface Tennis Court. Booking via Ph....

    Blackheath Tennis Courts

    Location: Clanwilliam Street, Blackheath,

    Bookings: (02) 4787 7779

    3 synthetic surface Tennis Courts. 1 with night...

    Medlow Bath Park Tennis Court

    Location: Railway Parade, Medlow Bath,

    1 Tennis Court , with basketball hoop. No booking...

    Katoomba Tennis Club

    Location: Bowling Green Avenue, Katoomba,

    Bookings: 0490 201 903


    4 tennis courts with new synthetic asphalt...

    Wentworth Falls Tennis Courts

    Location: Falls Road, Wentworth Falls,

    Bookings: (02) 4757 3266


    3 good quality asphalt tennis courts with...

    Queen Oak Park Tennis Courts

    Location: 28-32 Honour Avenue, Lawson,

    Bookings: 0410 800 941

    2 synthetic tennis courts with change room/ small...

    Gloria Park Tennis Courts

    Location: Lester Avenue, Hazelbrook,

    Bookings: (02) 4780 5000

    2 asphalt tennis courts. Booking via Council Ph.

    Weroona Park Court

    Location: Weroon Avenue, Woodford ,

    1 asphalt tennis court. This court is free and...

    Linden Park Half Court

    Location: Corner Glossop Road and Burke Road, Linden,

    Half court basketball hoop and circle. No booking...

    Buttenshaw Park Courts

    Location: Great Western Highway, Springwood,

    Bookings: (02) 4780 5000

    2 Churchill Street Netball Courts with lights....

    Springwood Tennis Centre

    Location: Spring Street, Springwood,

    Bookings: (02) 4751 5383

    12 high quality District level Tennis Courts....

    Lomatia Court

    Location: Bland Road, Springwood,

    1 multi-use court. Toilets and change-rooms. Off...

    Summerhayes Oval Tennis Courts

    Location: Hawkesbury Road, Winmalee,

    Bookings: (02) 4754 1586

    4 Tennis Courts. Small club house with toilets....

    Warrimoo Tennis Courts

    Location: 122 Rickard Rd, Warrimoo,

    District level Sportsground. 3 Tennis Courts with...

    Mt Riverview Courts

    Location: Calver Avenue, Mt Riverview ,

    Bookings: (02) 4739 8272

    2 synthetic Courts with lights. Booking via....

    Blaxland Oval Netball Courts

    Location: St Johns Road, Blaxland,

    2 multi-use courts.

    Lennox Park Courts

    Location: Lennox Park, Matthew Parade, Blaxland,

    Bookings: (02) 4739 1017

    2 tennis courts. Booking via phone.

    Glenbrook Park Tennis Courts

    Location: Park Street, Glenbrook,

    Bookings: 04 13 910 762

    3 synthetic grass tennis courts with small club...

    Lapstone Oval Netball Courts

    Location: Explorers Road, Lapstone,

    Bookings: (02) 4780 5000

    9 competition level Netball Courts. Netball...

    Lapstone Oval Tennis Courts

    Location: Explorers Road, Lapstone,

    Bookings: (02) 4739 3602

    Two synthetic tennis courts with lights. By...

    Megalong Community Hall Tennis Court

    Location: Megalong Road, Megalong,

    Bookings: 0438 879 181

    One Tennis court. By booking via phone.

    Leura Oval

    Location: Lone Pine Avenue, Leura,

    Facilities: Toilets, park benches and bins. Dog off-leash at restricted times.

    Local level sportsground

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