In early 2020, Council’s Parking Permit Scheme for Echo Point will change. 

What is changing?

There will now be two schemes – one for residents and one for businesses. Both schemes will limit permits to residents and business within the designated parking precinct. That means all permits issued on the current scheme (issued before 2020) will no longer be valid.

The new schemes will balances resident, visitor, and business parking needs, and improve access to street parking for residents living within the parking precinct.

Read the full Permit Parking Policy.

I own a business within the precinct, can I get permits for my business?

Businesses located within the parking precinct will be eligible for up to two business permits if they have no off-street parking and for vehicles registered in the business name. 

Read the full business permit eligibility requirements.

How do I apply for a permit?

Eligible businesses will receive a letter and application form from Council.
The application form will also be available online in early 2020.

How long are permits valid for?

Business permits are valid for two calendar years, from the year of issue. For example, if you apply for a permit in 2020, it will be valid until the end of 2021, regardless of when during the year you got the permit.

I am an employee of a business located within the permit parking precinct – am I be eligible for a permit?

No. Business parking permits will only be available to businesses that don’t have off-street parking, and for vehicles registered in the business name.