Council is upgrading the parking meters at Echo Point, making them easier to use, more efficient and better for the environment.

The upgrade will consist of transitioning to Pay By Plate functionality and contactless payment. There will be no increase in parking fees.

This upgrade will enhance the visitor experience by making it easier to park at Echo Point. All Echo Point parking meters will be ticketless.

This ensures Blue Mountains City Council is up to date with the latest technology and replaces end-of-life parking meters that were due for upgrading this year.

Currently, parking meter downtime is high and Council Rangers address over 200 customer requests a year related to parking meter issues.

This upgrade also reduces environmental impacts, by eliminating printed tickets that can create litter, impacting on stormwater and natural waterways.

The new parking meters will save operational and maintenance costs, including repair and servicing costs, ticket printing and coin collection fees. The savings will be used to fund ongoing maintenance of tourist infrastructure

Works on the upgrade are scheduled from 20 October to 1 November, with minimal disruption to pedestrians access and no disruption to vehicle traffic.

Three new bus meters will be installed and activated at a later date, one bus meter will be repaired, three existing meters will be converted to bus meters (also activated later), and all 32 parking meters will be converted to pay by plate and contactless payment (tap & go) for card transactions. From 1 November, cash and coins will no longer be accepted.

This upgrade is a separate project to the Echo Point Parking Precinct Plan which aims to establish paid coach parking near Echo Point and a new parking permit policy for residents and business. This has been deferred to 2022.