In early 2020, Council’s Parking Permit Scheme for Echo Point will change. 

What is changing?

There will now be two schemes – one for residents and one for businesses. Both schemes will limit permits to residents and business within the designated parking precinct.

That means all permits issued on the current scheme (issued before 2020) will no longer be valid. There will be a short transition period before the scheme is enforced.

The new schemes will balances resident, visitor, and business parking needs, and improve access to street parking for residents living within the parking precinct.

Read the full Permit Parking Policy

Why is it changing?

The Blue Mountains continues to experience increasing numbers of tourists visiting the region and the costs associated with providing visitor facilities across the City continues to grow.

Despite the Blue Mountains being one of the most visited tourist destinations in Australia, Council currently recovers a small amount of revenue from visitors. This means that ratepayers are subsidising visitor infrastructure.

Paid parking at key tourism locations will generate income that will be used to fund ongoing maintenance of tourist infrastructure, reducing the cost burden to ratepayers.

Permit holders are currently occupying a significant number of high-demand paid parking spots in tourism areas, without charge. This means visitors often have difficulty finding parking and are forced to park in unmetered residential areas, and Council is not able to generate enough income to cover those maintenance costs.

The current scheme also doesn’t comply with the RMS’ Permit Parking Guidelines, and the new schemes will bring Council in line with their guidelines.

Who can get parking permits under the new policy?


Residents who live within the parking precinct will be eligible for up to two resident permits if they meet the resident eligibility requirements.
There is an application fee of $36. 


Businesses located within the parking precinct are eligible for up to two business permits if:

  • There is no off-street parking on the premises
  • The vehicles must be registered in NSW in the name of the business

Read the full business eligibility requirement.
There is an application fee of $36. 

Look at the parking precinct map.

How do I apply for a permit?

Eligible residents and businesses will receive a letter and application form from Council.
The application form will also be available online in early 2020.

How long is the parking permit valid?

Permits are valid for two calendar years. For example, if you apply for a permit in 2020, it will be valid until the end of 2021, regardless of when during the year you got the permit.