We are keen to support the wide variety of community-run festivals and events that take place in the Blue Mountains each year. They are an important part of community life. 

To make an event successful it is imperative that the event organiser ensures their event planning and management meets the necessary regulative provisions to Local and State Government.

We recommend that event organisers familiarise themselves with the NSW Government Event Starter Guide, which is a great resource and has been prepared to assist people from the community to navigate their way through some of the many issues involved in organising an event.

We require all event organisers to complete and submit an Event Application Form for events on public land.

As your event may require liaison with the Local Traffic Committee, Police, Transport for NSW, and other agencies, please ensure that Event Applications are lodged as below:

  • Events that have a road or car park closure: a minimum of 6 months prior to the event
  • Events that have NO road or car park closure: a minimum of 3 months prior to the event

Failure to submit an application within the above timeframes may prevent Council from having sufficient time to assess your application, requiring you to postpone or cancel your event.

You will need Adobe (Acrobat or Reader) to complete the fillable PDF Forms - like the 'Festival and Events Application'. Get the latest version of Adobe.

To use the PDF fillable forms, on PC or MAC:

  • Open the form in Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader. This means you may need to save it to you desktop, right click > open with > Adobe (Acrobat or Reader). All fillable fields and signature box will be active and be able to be completed.
  • If you open the form in a new tab in your internet browser – STOP. You will not be able to fill in the PDF form correctly and we may NOT be able to see any information you have entered. You will most likely be unable to sign the form as well, in this mode.
  • Get information on how to set up an electronic signature for PDF documents

Permits for festivals and events

Organisers of festivals or events on public land are required to submit an application for their festival or event.

This needs to include Event Application Form, Event Site Plan, a copy of Insurance Certificate of Currency and your Risk Management Plan.

Other events may require additional forms to also be completed and submitted. All forms can be downloaded on the right, or from the bottom of this page.

Promotion of festivals and events Calendar of events

Regional events, festivals and markets are promoted through the local Visitor Information Centres, Blue Mountains City Tourism and Visit NSW websites and several tourism publications/websites and other relevant outlets.

View the wide range of festivals, markets and events on offer in the Blue Mountains region

View Council’s seasonal Calendar of Events

If you are planning a community event and would like it to be included in our seasonal Calendar of Events  please email events@bmcc.nsw.gov.au and include

  • Name of the event 
  • Date(s) 
  • Times 
  • Venue or online
  • Entry fee
  • Contact details (that can be made available to the public for enquiries/bookings) 
  • Website 
  • Short description (One or two short sentences, approx. 30 words)

Using Town Squares

Council does not issue any exclusive approvals for use of the public squares as they are public places that cannot be hired or closed off for any specific event. The rights of the public to use the squares must be considered at all times.

Should you intend to hold an organised gathering in Town Squares please complete the form and return to us.

You will be advised in writing if your proposed use of the Town Square is approved.

Town Square Use Form

Street stalls

Approval to operate a street stall will be conditional upon the stall being staffed by volunteers, with applications from locally based community organisations accepted only.

Guidelines for Booking Street Stalls in the Blue Mountains


For information about obtaining a Fireworks Single Use Licence (FSUL) please see the SafeWork NSW website.

Part of the eligibility criteria for a FSUL licence is that the intended use of the fireworks is only for an organised public event which has a supporting letter from the local council stating they have no objections.

Please note that SafeWork NSW will not issue a FSUL licence unless you can provide proof you have notified the police, fire brigades and local council as well as any other relevant agencies.

Guidelines for Council when notification of an intention to use fireworks is received

More information

Phone: 4780 5000

Email: council@bmcc.nsw.gov.au