Organic waste is waste that comes from things that were once living, and includes garden and food waste. Organic waste accounts for about 33%* of all waste that goes to landfill in Australia.

In the mountains that ends up in our landfill site at Blaxland, where it becomes a major source of greenhouse gas emissions generating over 20,000 tCO2e^ in 2019-2020. That is the equivalent to the electricity used by over 3,500 houses over a whole year.

Nearly all of this organic waste can be avoided, reused or recycled to avoid it ending up in landfill. In the Blue Mountains, you have access to a wide suite of services, support programs and information to help manage the organic material generated from your home.


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The services, programs and information here are designed to help keep organic waste out of landfill. Click on the wedges below to learn more about how together, we can reduce our organic waste footprint.

*ABS statistics from 2020
^tonnes (t) of carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalent (e)