Priorities of Council for activities and support for Older People include:

  • providing facilities for aged-care services to operate and for older people to socialise
  • advocating for the needs and aspirations of older people, particularly with the more vulnerable members of the aged community, to ensure they are afforded respect, inclusive and accessible transport, housing and health services
  • coordinating and working with community groups and services, including the Community Care Forums and the Elder Abuse Collaborative
  • developing strategies and resources to address local priority needs of older people as identified in the Blue Mountains City Council Ageing Strategy, such as:
    • working together with other Council teams to ensure footpaths, civic spaces and buildings in the City are accessible, safe and appropriate for older people
    • upgrading parks to provide better shelter and rest areas, while improving facilities to encourage older people to continue being active
    • maintaining and making available relevant information service directories and other information strategies (brochures, website, etc.).

For full details of our plan to address the needs of our aged population, please download the Blue Mountains City Council Ageing Strategy.

Council welcomes your thoughts and support on our work and priorities. If you think that you can help in addressing these issues, or would suggest alternative priorities, please get in touch with us.

Further information

Council's Aged and Disability Services Development Officer

Phone: 4780 5546