Blue Mountains City Council is upgrading the play space at Neate Park in Blackheath with a $100,000 grant from the Crown Lands Improvement Fund.

The project includes an upgrade of the existing equipment to Australian Standards, as well as an increased capacity slide, an inclusive swing set, and a new accessible path.

Work on the upgrade starts Monday 14 February and is expected to be complete in March 2022, weather permitting.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What is happening at Neate Park, Blackheath?
Council is upgrading the play space at Neate Park, a local park, with similar equipment to what is currently there, and constructing an accessible path across the slope between the skate park and the play space.

Why is this happening?
While the existing play equipment has a sound framework, it is over 20 years old with minor faults, and includes features which have become non-compliant since installation. The upgrade will bring the play space up to current Australian Standards.

Who is funding these works?
The Neate Park upgrade is funded with a $100k grant from the Crown Lands Improvement Fund.

Why is the play equipment being upgraded with similar equipment?
It is more cost-effective for the same manufacturer, Moduplay, to upgrade the equipment with similar elements.

From past experience with recent projects, Council has calculated that the best use of the grant for the whole community is to replace the play equipment on a like-for-like basis.

It would be much more expensive to redesign from scratch and this would make it unaffordable to make the play space accessible.

Are there any new elements?
Yes, new features include:
•    The existing slide capacity will increase to a dual slide.
•    The existing swing will be upgraded to a dual bay swing with an inclusive nest swing and two standard junior swings
•    Two new sensory elements - a musical panel and a spinning curved 'twista'.
•    A new accessible path across the slope linking the play space to the existing path at the skate park.

Is this part of the Blackheath Village upgrade?
No, but the new accessible path will link up to a new accessible picnic shelter at Neate Park that is part of the Blackheath Village upgrade. This will include new safety lighting and footpath improvements at Neate Park.

The Blackheath Village upgrade is a separate project funded by the NSW Government Liveability program.

Will the playground be open while the work is completed?

No, for safety reasons the playground will be closed during the works period.

When will the works be complete?
The works commenced on Monday 14 February but have been significantly delayed due to persistent wet weather. A revised date for completion of the works will be provided following re-assessment of the site once rain water subsides.

For more information contact: Dominic Smith, Parks and Cemeteries Coordinator,