Blue Mountains Museum Advisors Workshops are held regularly

As spaces are limited these links provide any papers or information sheets made available by the speakers.

Muse 1

Session 1 Paper Conservation

Elizabeth Hadlow PDF

NSW State Archives & Records Conservation and Preservation Guides, and Webinars.

Session 2 Textile Conservation

See Caring for Dress, workshop by Kate Chidlow

Session 3 Registration and Online Cataloguing

Online Registration and Cataloguing

Muse 2

Session 1 Disaster Planning and Recovery

Disaster Planning Equipment List, from workshop by Bec Southall

Muse 3

Session 1 Significance Statements

Statements of Significance, workshop by Margot Jolly 

Muse 4

Session 1 Exhibitions Development, workshop by Gay Hendriksen

Session 2 Social Media and Your Museum, workshop by Vanessa Low