Each museum may have a different approach to collection management, accession, labelling and storage.

The following are common professional standards both local and international to assist with your approach to collection care.

How to: Collection Management Systems

The Small Museum Cataloguing Manual – A guide to cataloguing object and image collections

A Simple Guide to Labelling Museum Objects (MAAS)

Spectrum The UK Museum Collections Management Standard – Cataloguing Procedure

Thesauri for Cataloguing Collections

Powerhouse Museum Object Name Thesaurus 

Australian Pictorial Thesaurus

Collection Care
How to: Handle Museum Objects (MGNSW)

Govt of Canada – Care of objects and collections

Standards and Guidance for Digitising Regional Collections


Exhibition Labelling (MGNSW)
Basic Install Tips – 2D hanging (MGNSW)

Access – Education and public programs
Current NSW History related Syllabus 
Object-based learning (University of Melbourne)
Field Notes – Storytelling (British Museum)

Museum Management – the Business of Museums
Thinking About Collection Policies (MGNSW)         

Aligning Your Business Plan with Local Government (Andrew Overton)
A Cultural Tourism Toolkit (CREATE NSW)
Strategic Planning Manual (CAN)

The Burra Charter (ICOMOS - updated 2013)
Heritage Legislation NSW – Heritage Act 1977 and Heritage Regulation 2012
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