Hazelbrook Village

Traffic changes at Hazelbrook Village shops

22 Jan 2021

The car park at Hazelbrook Village is currently being upgraded to improve traffic flow and increase safety. 

Following extensive community consultation, Council is changing the direction of traffic in and out of the car park, adding a loading zone and upgrading all car parks to Australian standards.

Blue Mountains Mayor Mark Greenhill said: “The changes to Hazelbrook car park will improve traffic flow. We’ve listened to what the local community has told us and these changes will go a long way to balancing the needs of vehicles and pedestrians in the area.”

The upgrade is the first stage of changes outlined in Hazelbrook Village Masterplan, endorsed in 2018. Future stages are yet to be scoped and designed.

Traffic will now run one way from the highway and exit at the north of the car park. Here vehicles can turn right at Stuart Place, then left or right into Rosedale Avenue. 

Signage will direct vehicles (either eastbound to Sydney, or westbound to Katoomba/Lithgow), making it easier for vehicles to navigate.

There will also be a new loading zone at the entrance to the car park from the highway for improved access/delivery for local business. Pedestrian ‘Shared Zones’ will be upgraded to comply with RMS standards.

The upgrade that commenced on 11 January is expected to be completed within eight weeks. Works are happening mainly at night to ensure minimal disruption to business and pedestrians (only towards the end of the project will some minimal work occur during daylight hours).

Previous consultation for this project, over a number of years, included community information drop-in sessions and designs on public exhibition at Council’s Have Your Say page

Photo: An upgrade of the car park at Hazelbrook Village is underway.

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