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Protecting our community and World Heritage Area

07 Jun 2021

An education campaign by Blue Mountains City Council is focusing on the importance of protecting the unique environment of the Blue Mountains.

The Hazardous waste… together we’ve got it sorted campaign, that’s been running since January 2021, is providing easy-to-understand and up-to-date information to residents, home renovators and home renovation businesses.

This month, the final month of the campaign, the focus is on working together and correctly handling and disposing of hazardous wastes so we can ensure the health and safety of our community and the environment.

When the Greater Blue Mountains Area was granted World Heritage status by the United Nations nearly 20 years ago, the nomination was accepted because of two outstanding features of the Blue Mountains region - its eucalypt / sclerophyll (hard leaved) ecosystems and its biodiversity, both of which are considered to be of global importance.

This campaign celebrates the vast array of native plants and animals that call the Greater Blue Mountains region home but also highlights the crucial role that Council and the broader community plays in helping to protect this biodiversity.

Blue Mountains Mayor Mark Greenhill said: “By working together in our community we can achieve outcomes that protect our precious and unique environment. 

“Recent unprecedented bush fires, and the flooding natural disaster, reminded us how vibrant, and how fragile our local environment is, and what is at stake if we fail to protect it and our rare and threatened plants and animals. That’s why Council takes its role as steward of our World Heritage Area so seriously.” 

Council provides many services to help you manage your hazardous waste responsibly to protect this special place.  Information on these services can be found at https://www.bmcc.nsw.gov.au/waste 

Watch the video – Protect our community & World Heritage Area https://youtu.be/T8roHHTB5l0
Watch the video – Protect your business https://youtu.be/kfrcUU0Wk1A
Watch the video – Protect yourself and your family https://youtu.be/SDc9PV1RuMU
Watch the video – Report Illegal Dumping https://youtu.be/K4Iz3ZpRMTc
Watch the video – Disposing hazardous waste correctly https://youtu.be/8c58EaTdWIA
Watch the video – Types of hazardous waste https://youtu.be/0E3MOgGEki8 

Get more information at bmcc.nsw.gov.au/hazardous-waste

This has been produced as part of the Council’s Enforceable Undertaking with SafeWork NSW. The full undertaking is available at www.safework.nsw.gov.au.

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