Mayor seizes on NSW Government acknowledgement on dam

31 Jul 2019

Blue Mountains Mayor Mark Greenhill has seized upon an acknowledgement by the NSW Government that its plan to raise the Warragamba Dam wall will create environmental damage.

Mayor Greenhill said: “This statement comes immediately after UNESCO has expressed concern about what the NSW Government plans to do. It is clear that this strategy puts World Heritage listing at risk and threatens tourism jobs in the Blue Mountains.

“Moreover, what the government seeks will threaten native species and could flood some of the most iconic parts of the Blue Mountains.

“Incredibly important cultural heritage sites will also be destroyed.

“The former Carr Government outlined strategies that would allow for floods to be managed, without flooding the world-famous Blue Mountains. This is just not needed. 

“This is being pushed against a backdrop of planned further mass development on the floodplain.

“If you are concerned about flooding on a floodplain, don’t develop it!

“This mad overdevelopment push has to stop and the insane proposal to flood one of the most iconic sites in Australia, a World Heritage Area, needs to be rejected.

“After what UNESCO has said, I hope the Federal Government will step in and save the Blue Mountains,” Mayor Greenhill concluded.

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