Mayor Mark Greenhill

Mayor’s Wellbeing Register to help protect our most vulnerable

06 Sep 2021

To help ensure the safety of our most vulnerable community members, Blue Mountains City Council is launching the Mayor’s Wellbeing Register. 

The Mayor’s Wellbeing Register will allow members of the community to register vulnerable, or at risk residents of the Blue Mountains local government area, with Council.

You can register for yourself, or on behalf of someone you are concerned about. Council will then contact those residents to assist them in accessing the support services they need in this challenging time, including welfare checks or emergency food boxes. 

Mayor, Councillor Mark Greenhill, said: “During these extended lockdowns, vulnerable members of our community may be feeling scared, isolated or overwhelmed. Registering with the Mayor’s Wellbeing Register will allow Council to initiate contact with those residents to ensure their wellbeing and safety, and to put them in touch with any services or resources they may require.

“It’s critical that we take care of each other during these challenging times.”

If you know someone who may be eligible for this program, please contact Council. A community development officer will then be in touch. All registrations will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and prioritised based on those in greatest need.

If you would like to make an addition to the Mayor’s Wellbeing Register please contact Council at or call 4723 5000 (Lower Mountains) or 4780 5000 (Upper Mountains). Go to for more information.

This initiative is inspired by a recent Fairfield City Council program and complements Council’s Good Neighbour program introduced in 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic started.

Supporting our community during COVID-19.

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