Deputy Captain of Bell Rural Fire Brigade Mark Hopkins with Mayor Mark Greenhill.

Locals urged to prepare for bushfire season

11 Sep 2020

September 19 - 20 is the Rural Fire Service’s (RFS) annual Get Ready Weekend. Get Ready Weekend is an opportunity to prepare for the bushfire season and start a broader conversation about being aware of hazards.

There are many ways that RFS brigades are available to help locals get ready including local station drop-in sessions, online video link meet-ups and street meetings.
Start thinking about your plan today with these five simple steps:

•    Know your risk - think about the area you’re in and the types of disasters that could affect you.
•    Plan now for what you will do - sit down and talk with your family and plan for what you will do if a disaster affects your area.
•    Get your home ready - prepare your home by doing general home maintenance and checking your insurance coverage.
•    Be aware - find out how to prepare, what to do if there is a disaster in your area and connect with NSW emergency services to stay informed.
•    Look out for each other - share information and help family, friends and neighbours who may need assistance.

“Knowing what to do if disaster strikes, and planning ahead, are the most powerful things you can do to stay safe,” said Mayor Mark Greenhill.
“Our emergency services are there for us, but we need to do the right thing by them and get prepared.”
Find out what is happening in your area on the RFS NSW website. Go to

Photo: Deputy Captain of Bell Rural Fire Brigade Mark Hopkins with Mayor Mark Greenhill.

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