Last chance for extra green waste services

23 Jan 2020

The extra green waste services being offered by Blue Mountains City Council to help residents get on top of their property preparation are ending on Friday 31 January.

During December and January, Council offered a combination of extra green waste services to assist residents in preparing their properties for unprecedented bush fires. This included free green waste drop off at the Blaxland and Katoomba Waste Management Facilities, as well as additional kerbside chipping and weekly green bin collections. 

Residents are still able to take green waste to both Waste Management Facilities for free, and put their green bins out every week, until Friday 31 January.

Chief Executive Officer Rosemary Dillon said it was great that Council was able to provide these additional services recently, and that a lot of residents had seen the benefit.

“There’s no doubt these additional services were needed, and we know they’ve been taken up widely by the community,” Dr Dillon said.

“Living in a City within a National Park is a privilege and the Blue Mountains is a truly beautiful and wondrous place to call home. But unfortunately it also means the threat of bush fires is real, and a constant we cannot escape.

“That’s why it’s so important that we all work to stay on top of our yard and property maintenance throughout the whole year. I know it’s hard work, but we need to do it.” 

To help residents with their green waste, Council provides fortnightly green bin collections, and up to two kerbside chippings a year. Green waste can be taken to both the Blaxland and Katoomba Waste Management Facilities all year.

“Council instigated a fortnightly green waste collection because that’s what the community voted for at the time. Sentiments and needs are changing and Council will be considering other options for future services, to continue providing the best services and support to the community,” Dr Dillon said.                   

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