Illegal asbestos dumpers on notice this Asbestos Awareness Month

07 Nov 2018

Blue Mountains City Council, in step with the NSW Government’s recent draft Asbestos Waste Strategy, wants to make it tougher to illegally dump asbestos and easier to safely dispose of it.

NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) commissioned research has revealed the three drivers of illegal asbestos dumping are the cost of disposal, convenience and awareness. Blue Mountains City Council is addressing these drivers in a multi-faceted approach that is delivering benefits for the City and community.

“Council is making the legal disposal of asbestos waste in the Blue Mountains easier and more convenient for residents and contractors,” General Manager Rosemary Dillon said. “In July this year Council reduced the fee for the disposal of asbestos at the Blaxland Waste Management Facility to be on par with general mixed waste.”

The NSW Government’s draft Asbestos Waste Strategy, if adopted, would see further cost benefits with the potential removal of the waste levy from being applied to separated, bonded asbestos waste, such as fibro sheeting. 

Dumped waste asbestos, sometimes called orphaned or abandoned asbestos, is a major problem. Research shows that most people know illegal dumping is wrong but they do not think they will get caught. 

“Council is developing strategies to prevent illegal dumping and encourage people to report suspicious activities,” Ms Dillon said.

Council recently joined the Western Sydney Regional Illegal Dumping (RID) Squad, as one way of combating the growing problem. RID Squads are co-funded by the EPA and member Councils. 

Membership of RID will assist Council to identify and patrol illegal dumping hotspots, investigate incidents, deter community members from illegal dumping and participate in joint campaigns with the EPA, SafeWork NSW, NSW Police and other regulatory authorities.

Dumped asbestos causes risks to human health and the environment if disturbed.

Residents can help prevent illegal dumping by disposing correctly at the Blaxland waste facility. Get more information 

Report illegally dumped rubbish by logging a Customer Services Request:

  • Online at
  • By phone 4780 5000 (Upper Mountains) or 4723 5000 (Lower Mountains). An option for an emergency after-hours referral is available from this number. 
  • By email at

If building or landscaping, always check fill coming onto your property and if someone disposes of waste on your behalf, get proof of correct disposal.

For further information go to the BMCC website

You can also have your say on the draft NSW Government’s Asbestos Strategy

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