Artist impression of Pilgrim Place proposal viewed from eastern end of Hope Street

Have Your Say on Blaxland Masterplan

02 Mar 2018

Blue Mountains City Council has drafted a masterplan that sets out a vision to revitalise and renew Blaxland Town Centre to encourage people to visit and stay.

The masterplan will guide future planning and development over the next 15-20 years. Masterplans allow Council to prioritise projects that enhance the function and appearance of town centres progressively, as funding becomes available. 

The community’s vision and commentary on the Blaxland town centre has helped guide the development of the masterplan through a number of major community consultation activities since 2016.

The key masterplan principles are: to  maintain and enhance Blaxland’s convenience for shopping; improve it’s built character; provide town centre living; enhance community facilities; enable employment; recognise and enhance its bushland setting and connections to Darug and Gundungurra Country; and improve pedestrian connectivity, traffic flow and parking.

The development of the plan included specialist studies into traffic & parking, urban design and retail studies, and an architectural study which explored the potential for the relocation of community facilities into a new purpose-built centre with shop top housing and a new central laneway with cafes and retail.

The Draft Masterplan states: “Blaxland is a significant service centre for the locals and outlying towns and villages and provides a diversity of services and retail.

The rewards for growth and change could be significant, due to the town’s ability to accommodate a greater range of housing diversity, its proximity to public transport and its potential as an accessible centre.”

The Draft Blaxland town centre Masterplan is on Public Exhibition from Thursday 8 February until 22 March 2018. The draft plan and online submission form can be found online at Blue Mountains Have Your Say

Photo: Artist’s Impression - Pilgrim Place Proposal viewed from eastern end of Hope Street.

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