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The Gully Draft Plan of Management – on exhibition now

16 Jun 2021

A draft Plan of Management (POM) for The Gully is now on exhibition and Council invites further feedback from the community.

Council has updated the Plan of Management for the Gully Aboriginal Place (previously Upper Kedumba River Valley PoM), in partnership with The Gully Traditional Owners Inc, following extensive engagement with members of The Gully Aboriginal Community and the broader community.

Mayor Mark Greenhill said the plan places a renewed focus on managing The Gully from an Aboriginal cultural perspective and defines the direction for the future care and protection of the area.

“Following extensive engagement with the Gully Aboriginal community and stakeholders from the broader community, this plan defines the direction for future care and protection of this area, and reflects Council’s ongoing commitment to working with Traditional Owners in caring for Country,” Mayor Greenhill said.

Chair of The Gully Cooperative Management Committee Merle Williams, on behalf of The Gully Traditional Owners, said: “The Gully is a place of knowledge, of stories, of histories and cultures that continue to connect us as Aboriginal people; those that have come before, but also to educate our people today and those that will come next.

“It is a place to celebrate, a place to meet, to share our culture and continue our traditions while embracing new opportunities.”

The exhibition period of the POM is later than planned due to the complexity of its preparation under three pieces of state legislation and approvals between Council and Crown Lands. Following the public exhibition, the draft POM will proceed to a Public Hearing for a proposed change to its existing land category from ‘Sports Ground’ to ‘Natural Area’ (including Bushland, Wetland and Watercourse) in respect to the cultural values of The Gully and its current site use. It will then be formally adopted by Council.

The draft POM can be viewed online at Blue Mountains Have Your Say. Hard copies are also available at Blue Mountains Libraries. Submissions are open until Monday, 26 July 2021.

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