Vision impaired woman using braille device in home office

Draft Disability Inclusion Action Plan goes on public exhibition

11 Jul 2022

The draft Disability Inclusion Action Plan (DIAP) 2022-2026 is now on public exhibition and available for the community to provide feedback on.

The DIAP is a report on our goals to improve disability inclusion throughout the local Blue Mountains Community. 

Blue Mountains Mayor, Councillor Mark Greenhill said: “Inclusion is everyone’s business, and providing access and equity for all, regardless of their abilities, is critical. 

“The Disability Inclusion Action Plan outlines how Council will meet our responsibilities and  enable people with disability to access our services and facilities, in real and meaningful ways.

“This is our second Disability Inclusion Action Plan, the first was released in 2017, and expired last year. The new plan covers the next four years, and it builds on the principles included in the first, and explores further issues identified by people with disability in our community.

“I urge anyone in the Blue Mountains living with disability, or caring for someone with disability, to give their feedback and help shape this important document.” 
The Disability Services Inclusion Act 2014 identifies the need for all Council’s to develop
every four years a new Disability Inclusion Action Plan, illustrating how we will enable people with a disability to access our services and facilities.

“Developing this action plan means we have not only met our legislative requirements, but have also provided clear actions that Council can undertake to assist people with a disability to participate more fully in community life.

“This is particularly pertinent as the 2016 Census shows that 5.5 per cent of people living in the Blue Mountains need assistance with core activities. That’s more than 4000 people, and a full 1 per cent increase from the previous census.”

To ensure the new DIAP reflects the needs of people living with disability, Council engaged Insight Consultancy Australia to assist with conducting focus groups and interviews, to develop the draft document.

Members of the community can review the draft DIAP 2022-2026 and provide feedback by Sunday 7 August.

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